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April 6, 2020

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Links to Expand the Mind

1. Common Plagues. Although the current outbreak is novel to almost every person alive today, it is not uncommon to mankind. And neither are war, famine, volcanic eruptions, or societal collapse. We have forgotten how fragile we are and how harsh the world can be. Perhaps its time we reignite the forge of humanity within us, so we may be strong enough and tough enough to endure the tragedies common to mankind, but uncommon to us.

2. Shamanic Psychosis. Western culture has labeled people with schizophrenia as damaged goods, requiring them to heavily medicate to stop the visions, personalities, etc. from dancing around their heads. What if schizophrenia were a feature of humanity and not a bug? Properly honed the visions and voices may give people with the "disorder" a shamanic quality, through which they can see and communicate on levels of understanding incomprehensible to you and I.

Passing Thoughts & Ideas

1. Spiritual, holotropic health underpins physical and psychological health

2. When your social life becomes limited, as it has over the past few weeks, your interactions are whittled down to only personalities that you have to deal with, instead of those that you choose to deal with. 

Those that you *have* to deal with become draining, and you miss the regenerative quality of the people/personalities that you *want* to interact with.

3. It’s fun to entertain ideas that are unusual and ignored by the many. There’s always some truth to them. Instigate ponderance.

4. It’s no time to be lead hither and thither by that which does not call to your daily necessities or higher being.

5. As you begin to understand that each thing in the natural world has a plurality of functions, you open your mind to the forms of that thing. Your inability to have things go right is a symptom that you have not realized enough pluralities. You lack knowledge of pertinent forms.

6. Remain focused on the eternal to navigate the present with the least amount of tension.

Eternal - perspective absent of time
Present - perspective in perfect resonance with time

A focus on the future or past is out of rhythm with time, coaxing the mind into a state of tension.

7. Trapped Minds and Developmental Exits

The majority of people have been staying home in the psychological sense, long before they were made to do so physically. If you're observant of the right language or behavior it is easy to recognize evidence of a trapped mind.

Minds become trapped by narrative, ideology, perspective, conditioning, habit, self-induced belittlement, convention, and weakness, among other things. Although I cannot always pinpoint the exact entrapment itself, the evidence is always recognizable. Trapped minds are unaware of or willfully blind to their cages. And although the exit is unlocked, many do not realize there is an option to leave.

It is not lost on me that I myself likely suffer from entrapments of the mind that I'm too ignorant to leave behind. Perhaps finding the exit points is a matter of psychological development requiring the individual to transition the many dimensions of the mind from child-like undeveloped stages into fortified maturity, able to contend with reality without entrapments to shield them.

As the task of development commences, the individual has new dimensions of their mind revealed that must be incorporated into the progression of development. The project of psychological development grows grand and ornate as the individual builds, reveals, integrates and so on.

Why would one take on the task of psychological development? Why exit your mental entrapments?

Life invites us to do so, lest you be confined to the pitiful existence of adulthood as experienced through a child's mind. The underdeveloped, entrapped minds never escape the hierarchy imposed on them.

Recognizing our mental entrapments and exiting them is the way we develop ourselves as autonomous individuals, subservient only to the eternal.

Potent Quotes

1. "Not having to be physically active is no longer a luxury that only wealthy people can financially afford. It is an impoverishment of life that no one—rich or poor—can biologically afford." — Erwan Le Corre

2. “If there is conflict between idea and actual, then the idea is in error.” — Jed McKenna

3. "Transition to adulthood is what you, as a spiritual seeker, are really trying to achieve. You do this by opening your eyes and learning to see, which you do by thinking free of emotional influence, which you do by externalizing the thought process, which you do by writing." — Jed McKenna

4. “People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls.” ― Carl Jung

Questions that Liberate

What unique information do you know that you want to impart to your children?

What do you want to continue after you are gone?

Offering for the Rock Gods

Rock and Roll may be down, but it's not out. Here are some offerings to the Rock Gods in the hopes that this profound art makes a strong resurgence:

Everybody's Talkin' by Bill Withers

That's the Way by Led Zeppelin

Are You Someone? by Radiohead

Didn't It Rain (Live) by Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Johnny Bye Bye (Live) by Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
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