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November 30, 2020

New ideas and perspectives

This weeks Ideas:

1. I’ve noticed the explanations and answers are getting played out. Need new questions and problems.

2. We're leading into a reemergence of era of the unconscious. It's been building for over a century. The unconscious is being lifted to the level of the conscious by the collective of humanity. God from above is dead and god from within has taken his place.

3. The rising tide of technology will make a greater demand that we preserve nature. Not just the natural world, but human nature, even your own individual nature are at risk against the wave of technology. Advancement in its highest degree demands integration.

4. Thinking happens in a dream pattern that rushes through the path to understanding. The difficult part is piecing back together the breadcrumbs into a cohesive articulation.

5. Meditation for the western mind: Sit in a quiet place, low distraction, in nature is best. Steady your breathing and close your eyes. Ask questions of yourself. Listen closely to how you answer them. Notice the words that emerge to meet the question. This is you.

6. You can’t listen to your conscience if you’ve forgotten what it sounds like. This is how we become casualties of the psychological war.

7. I need to be with people to properly expend energy. I need to be alone to cultivate it.

8. Ebbing Tides

This world and its perspectives are expansive, too much for one man to hold on to and claim understanding in perpetuity. I'm holding to what I can while it's useful and becoming more comfortable with letting what wants to fall away do so. I'm learning to allow nature's undercurrents to ebb. To let the slate be washed every so often and loosen the egoic grip, becoming less cerebral and more resolute.

Growth is often something people talk about as a conscious practice. That it happens through addition of the the right mindset or temporal actions. But I'm not sure that's the case. Life is innately rich. To layer mindsets, stories, reasons, and proofs into our experience dulls when it feels as if we are getting sharper. It isn't until we give ourselves a break that we can experience a state of repose. For me this meant that even as I feel my foundations are strong, my structural walls were flimsy. I make no judgement on the walls themselves, rather I can now assess them more accurately.

I've had an inner sensation recently and I don't know what it means, if anything at all. But it seems to be the physical place of origin in my body for both immense, joyful laughter and deep sadness. It sits center of body, right below and inside of the xiphoid process. Perhaps connected to the diaphragm. The energy behind these sensations of laughter and sadness feel as if they roil from this point inducing the lungs and the rest of the body to expel these sensations. Focusing on this point also allowed me to make the connection that fear and excitement also seem to originate from this point. Some may describe this as a "gut" feeling, but that doesn't quite feel right. These are sensations of the spirit.

Anyway, my point is not to say whether this is right, but that it was only when I encountered the circumstances to let somethings fall away, that I was able to pick up on something deeper within me. Both literally and figuratively. And even this too, I may have to let it fall away.

9. What does it mean? What are the consequences?

We are conditioned to ask and answer these questions. We think that the universe or god is sending us signals and if we could just decipher them we could get a little glimpse of the future. We can run faster than time. If only. 

Our overt experiences, the events of the day, the eyes you see with, and even the content of our dreams are only half of the equation. Our forward facing minds are not the plane at which meaning is understood, but we feel as if we can consciously make something of it here. Meaning self-assembles below the surface and only rises above for us to see through a rearview mirror. Let things play out because we don't know their complete significance up front. Enjoy the experience, meaning will come of its own accord.

10. People get conditioned into worshipping the gods of efficiency, comfort, and convenience. They have their place, but if these squabbling tyrants begin to rule your primary frames they will insidiously hollow you out by making you feel full. False prophets.

11. I have visions all the time. Most are day dreams. Some are actual dreams. Fewer are a focused inhabiting of a person and circumstance. Sometimes I can fool myself with these creations. Other times they are true. Is it a daemon? Or is it a self generated salve?

12. If you're accepting their questions, you're adopting their frames and silencing your own.

13. A Psychological Holy War

“World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.”
— Marshall McLuhan, "Culture is Our Business"

Whereas the men of Churchill’s era were fighting on the beaches, the landing grounds, the fields, the streets, and the hills, the modern battlefront resides in the mind.

The higher function of the western mind was honed over two millenniums. It gave rise to our conscience, a holy spirit that is able to guide us toward good choices, if we listen. The wars of old were fought externally in the physical world. They were fought for land and resource, the power to rule with your chosen ideology. I believe the battlefield was external because god imbued our minds. Even the heinous acts of war were carried out with the righteous spirit of god that had firmly inhabited the collective mind of mankind. But now the god of old is dead, he fell from the heavens down to earth and was absorbed into man. He was transformed from the goodness reigning down from heaven to the goodness planted deep within the individual. No one was told about this change, everyone that worshiped god in heaven continued to do so, the same way it was always done. And now we’re left with all of the motions and none of the connection.

The psychological void left by a dead god is a dangerous abyss. No one wants to look into this abyss, it’s too painful to realize that heaven has a vacancy. Instead, man has created contemporary machinations that rush into the void, drawing the mind to information as the ultimate destination. Behold, the rational mind creates a glass palace of perfect logic and fact. At the center of the palace is the pantheon of the psychological landscape, and its ready with a captivated, blissful, participatory audience for a war that will dispose of whatever semblance of the holy spirit that is left in our conscience.

The modern arbiters of information have staked claim on the psychological landscape. Their prize is audience, power, rulership, and servitude of the people. Their ammo is media, ideology, culture, faction, narrative, and whatever else that can be used to saturate and sway discourse to their favor. The great invention of the internet and the connectivity it brings means that we’re all present on this psychological battlefield, which is why you’ve been told to pick a side on every issue and share, no, claim the power your opinion. And you must have an opinion, you are compelled to have an opinion. The internet, the greatest tool for communication and illumination, a true extension of the human mind, has been inundated by pundits, journalists, conspiracists, trolls, politicians, ideologues, and other rationalist simpletons that demand their voice be heard. All have been cajoled into believing that their opinion holds more divinity than the actions of their lives.

This sunken state of humanity is drugged and unaware of the void they are spiraling endlessly into. And the psychological war will rage on without our end or armistice while each faction gets eroded away and their flag bearers are cycled through and chewed up without victory ever being claimed. Instead we’ll have a generation of people who have lost their minds so that they may feel good about their opinions. Casualties of war, every one of them.

At what point does participation wane? Is there respite? What will usher in a regermination of the psychological landscape? How does the spiritual void get filled and the abyss elevated?

To break participation in the information war for the psyche, we can look to the avenues that empower our explorative reflex. The early navigators of the globe, the mystics and seers, the curious scientists, poets, and adventurers all followed this reflex. Like these explorers that have come before us, we are meant to find higher ground, an elevated mode of perception, that has greater appeal than the battlefield can offer. It is not enough to just attempt to block out the psychological war from our minds, the information is too compelling and the extensions of the internet are too ingrained in us. The psychological war must be replaced by something stronger, something more powerful.

I contend that when god fell from heaven he was driven deep within the being of the individual. Those still worshiping god above, missed this transformation. However, those that recognize that their life is an opportunity to honor and be worthy of the divine spark of god that lies within, they will be the first to transcend the psychological battlefront. We were granted consciousness and so we are able to make choices for ourselves.

We are able to use our higher judgements, informed not by the external, but by the holy spirit within to reintroduce the most powerful elements of humanity back into the shelled ground of our collective psyche. We plot a course of realignment to beauty, experimentation, and exploration of the most advanced modes of thought. To take it unto ourselves to study science and music, read philosophy and poetry. To do these things deeply so they become an experience more than a practice. We can choose to wander psychedelic realms and experience the wonders that get illuminated under such conditions. Fill the collective conscious with the ascendent treasures of our culture and treat those treasures, as well as ourselves, with the knowledge that we carry he luminous torch of god within us. As we lure attention to the higher domains of cognition and perception it starves the psychological war machine of fuel. With that, we have the potential to see peace in our time.

IO Podcast

I've started up the podcast again. My first conversation is with Connor O'Leary. Connor runs a business called Modern Functional Wellness that helps people with chronic and mysterious illnesses. In this conversation, Connor walks us through his own journey of healing and how that led him to the methods that he uses to help others.

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