Colony collapse, crosswords, cohabitation, and college athletes

Your Weekend Podcast Playlist

How 'bout this weather! If you're enjoying the unseasonably warm rays in early November with a stroll through Central Park, maybe listen to one of these podcasts. No, we're not going to bring you down with climate podcasts, but if you want to hear about the US government's most comprehensive study ever, check out this brief report from NPR.

Back to your stroll through the park, maybe check out a podcast about the alarming decline of bee populations worldwide. If that's too heavy, scroll all the way down and check out a humorous homage to black women. Hopefully this eclectic mix helps you find some new shows you love.

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Happy Listening!

Science Vs

The Bee-pocalypse

We love Wendy Zuk! This upbeat Aussie pits facts against fiction to get to the bottom of science mysteries or disagreements. She doesn't disappoint this week when investigating Colony Collapse Disorder. If you want a little more light-hearted episode try Chocolate, Coffee, and Wine. Bird and his sister saw the show live and loved it! [33:30]

Planet Money

Nudge, Nudge, Nobel

If you're still in the mood to learn something, Planet Money never disappoints. This past week, they looked at this year's Nobel Prize in Economics winner—Richard Thaler, the father of behavioral economics. Why do people behave irrationally? Thaler might have the answer. The show has an amazing archive, like this story about Starbury Shoes[18:47]

The Drawing Board

All About Puzzles

Continuing on the path of learning new things, Candy got Bird a subscription to The NY Times Crossword for his birthday this week so we went looking for something about puzzles. Udacity, that online course company, has a podcast about discovering esoteric things. My favorite segment was from Will Shortz, where I learned he also runs the Sunday Puzzle for NPR. [40:07]


My Five Nights At A $20 Billion Startup’s Dorm-Like Apartment

Here's a puzzle, who the hell would live at a WeWork designed apartment complex? To be fair, even as NYC residents, we didn't even know WeLive existed until this week. While WeWork is not only convenient, it's seen as a chic work environment. Just our opinion, but WeLive doesn't sound like a great solution for living. Want to know how WeWork was founded? Guy Raz has an interview on his How I Built This podcast. [20:08]

Intelligence Squared

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Want to hear about another massive business making questionable business decisions—college athletics? Founded in 2006, Intelligence Squared U.S. addresses a fundamental problem in America: the extreme polarization of our nation and our politics. This past week, they covered a topic near and dear to Bird's heart: paying college athletes. [50:34]

2 Dope Queens

Black Women Are For Grown Ups

We've got to end the weekend with something more upbeat. Two weeks ago, we attended a 2 Dope Queens filming for their HBO special. Given that it was Bird's birthday this week, we decided to pick Jessica's birthday episode, plus LeVar Burton joins for a toast to black women and the name of this episode. [1:06:30]

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