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Welcome to Week 8. We got quite a few positive responses after changing up last week's newsletter format and the open rate was 2x higher, so we're going to continue that and see how it goes! Given it's Halloween weekend, we found a few spooky podcasts and mixed in some of our other favorite episodes this week.

We also saw 2 Dope Queens live on Monday as part of their filming for their HBO special. They did not disappoint! If you need something to make you laugh this weekend, check out their archive to hear their banter and sample some underrepresented comedians.

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Happy Listening!

My Favorite Murder

The Halloween Special

This week opens with crowd-favorite My Favorite Murder. If you haven't heard of this breakout show, friends Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark spend well over an hour talking about their lives and often times joking about gruesome murders they've investigated. The week, they decided to read fan submitted stories together. [1:18:48]

99% Invisible

Person in Lotus Position

Candy deserves credit for finding this one. We've referenced 99% Invisible in the past, but often times let the un-listened episodes pile up. Want to learn how an emoji becomes an emoji? Mark Bramhill tells the story of getting his emoji approved. Keep your eyes peeled, Candy wants to get an emoji made too! [32:48]

Heaven's Gate

The Seekers

Heaven's Gate is the second podcast from the team that made Missing Richard Simmons. This series is about a cult that committed mass-suicide in San Diego. Glynn Washington of Snap Judgment takes listeners on a journey to understand the largest mass-suicide in US history. There's only two episodes out so far, and we definitely were more hooked after the second. Give this eerie show a chance. [35:43]

How I Built This

Burton Snowboards

This podcast was completely for Bird. He grew up snowboarding, and always wanted to ride a Burton because they were the coolest. Founder Jake Carpenter tells the story of the company's last 40 years. We knew we wanted to tell you all about it after Jake addressed the need to have female leadership. This episode gave us a lot more respect for Burton. [46:49]

WNYC - Spooked

The Watcher

WNYC and Snap Judgement (yes, Glynn Washington got two podcasts on the list today) teamed up to tell scary stories for Halloween. To be honest, The Watcher hasn't been my favorite episode they've made, but it's the first of the series and the audio production on the last story was so eerie, we felt like it's a good gateway to the limited run show. Don't listen before bed... [38:08]

Every Little Thing

6 O'Clock Soundclock

Close out your listening this week by learning how news scores are made. You read that right, Gimlet's Every Little Thing spoke to the guy that runs—a real website—about all things news jingles, including him running a marathon to these musical compositions: the most listened to music we never think about. [24:20]

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