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Holy hell, readers, what a week! We were feeling so energized having sent our first newsletter last Friday that we really went deep this week on podcasts. We decided to expand the slate of shows covered, so let us know what you think compared to last week!

The world is an uncertain place, but we found some pretty interesting stuff for you to devour this weekend. First, we did a deep dive on the Hermit Kingdom, North Korea. Then we move on to a few stories about renewable energy prompted by reports that the Russians have been trying to penetrate our energy grid. In lighter fare, since the news broke that J.J. Abrams is returning to direct Star Wars: Episode IX, we take you down the rabbit hole of Sci-Fi storytelling. Finally, Hillary Clinton has a new book out, and one of the most interesting things we learned is that apparently SHE LOVES PODCASTS.

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The Hermit Kingdom

The North Korean Kim dynasty has been nothing but enigmatic and Kim Jong Un is no exception. With a successful test of a nuclear weapon, tensions with the outside world are at an all time high. Somehow Kim Jong Un has successfully brought his vastly undersized and underpowered nation into the global conversation. Understanding North Korea is a Herculean task, but these stories should help you start.

Radio Atlantic

Mark Bowden on North Korea

Given new revelations about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities—and harsh rhetoric from President Trump—The Atlantic's editors Jeffrey Goldberg and Matt Thompson talk with Mark Bowden on how to deal with North Korea. [23:00]


Healthcare in North Korea

Join former NYT Science editor David Corcoran as he discusses Undark’s case study “Health in the Hermit Kingdom,” about medical problems in refugees from North Korea, with writer Sara Talpos. [01:00-18:00]

This American Life

Same Bed, Different Dreams

Stories of people who are tied together, but imagine radically different futures. In one case, a movie star and her ex-husband plot against Kim Jong-Il. [04:00-26:00]

The Energy Grid

Reports surfaced last week that Russian hackers have infiltrated U.S. utilities in an effort to potentially cause future blackouts. In a seemingly tangential story, China is considering banning gas-powered automobiles. As we transition towards electric cars, we're effectively building a world with a mobile energy grid focused on renewable energy sources. Here are a collection of stories about these trends.

NPR - Fresh Air

Experts Suspect Russia Is Using Ukraine As A Cyberwar Testing...

Wired's Andy Greenberg says Ukraine has been the victim of a "cyber-assault unlike any the world has ever seen." Cybersecurity experts think Russia is perfecting attacks that could be used on the U.S. [34:00]

NPR - On Point

China's Day In The Sun And The Future Of The Solar Industry

China’s out to own the sun. What about the United States? Plus, what we're doing to protect ourselves from cyberattacks on energy grids. [47:00]

The Energy Gang

Autonomous Car Fleets: A Dystopian or Utopian Future?

On this week’s Energy Gang podcast, we talk with an expert about ensuring that autonomous cars aren’t an environmental, safety and urban planning disaster. [01:00-32:00]

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Disney's purchase of the Star Wars franchise has breathed new life into one of the most iconic movie franchises of all time. Last week, news broke that the director of Episode IX was leaving the film causing fan uncertainty. In likely the best possible outcome, J.J. Abramsmastermind behind Episode VII and the Star Trek reboot—is returning. Abrams' mastery of storytelling reminds us the importance of mystery and thinking outside the box.

The Watch

Does It Matter That Star Wars: Episode IX Lost Its Director?

Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald discuss director Colin Trevorrow's sudden departure from Star Wars: Episode IX. [03:00-13:00]

TED Talks

The Mystery Box

J.J. Abrams traces his love for the unseen mystery –- a passion that's evident in his films and TV shows, including Lost, Star Trek and Star Wars: Episode VII -- back to its magical beginnings. [18:00]

StarTalk Radio

The Power of Science Fiction With William Shatner

Captain on the bridge: Neil deGrasse Tyson invites Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, to discuss Star Trek and the enduring power of science fiction. [58:00]

What Happened

If you haven't heard Hillary Clinton wrote a book about the 2016 election, we're concerned about your exposure to news. There's hot takes all over the internet, but one thing that definitely surprised us was the number of podcast interviews she lined up to promote her new book. It definitely seems to support the thesis that podcasts are becoming the left's right-wing talk radio.

Pod Save America

Hillary Clinton

This is a political podcast for people not yet ready to give up or go insane hosted by Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor. [47:00]

The Ezra Klein Show

What Hillary Clinton Really Thinks

Hillary Clinton’s theory of politics is unfashionable. But she doesn’t care. [1:01:00]


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the former Democratic nominee for president. Her new book is What Happened[54:00]

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