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We've all heard the cliche "be grateful for what you've got". If you would of asked me a few years ago what I was grateful for, I would of come up with a few things after rattling my mind to find the answers. I would say things that I felt where expected of me to say, such as family, friends, having a roof over my head, but deep down I really wasn't feeling it. There was so many people completing gratitude journals and after a challenging day I would feel annoyed at these people carrying on about being grateful!

However, times have changed and the more I understand about our energy the more I can up level myself and implement new ways of being...
If I'm going to make changes in my life then I really need to understand the why.. (Yes I was that kid who constantly said but why??) I need to understand how things work to really get behind the idea and I wondered if you do too.

Maybe you are already choosing to see the world through rose coloured glasses and can find gratitude even in your darkest hours. Life is really about perspective...

The different levels of emotion you experience affects your body. Chronic stress is toxic to your body, and reduces your immunity. When you choose to feel grateful you are reducing cortisol and stress hormones in your body.

The more you can learn to self regulate and tune into emotions that help you to produce our own happy hormones then you will be healthier emotionally and physically.

Gratitude is an emotion that is a higher frequency and when you are vibrating at this level you will attract other people on this higher frequency too. So remember if you are on a low frequency such as victimisation or resentment then you will attract people on the same frequency, a bit like a radio that scans for a certain wave length; that's why you may keep attracting the same sort of people in your life..
The more you increase your frequency the more you become aligned then the good people will turn up in your life.. (and good stuff too!)

Start by challenging yourself when you feel annoyance at something that hasn't worked out for you. Ask what good came of it, you may have to take a deep breath and a fresh perspective. Did you learn something? Did something good come out of it that may not of happened if the situation had gone differently?
Keep practising, it's a journey of changing your thought patterns, retraining yourself, until it becomes automatic.

However if being grateful is still not shifting that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach or you know that you have meltdowns at the smallest things, then this is a sign that it's a bit deeper. It can feel like you've tried so hard to let go of the past but the past won't let go of you.. Sometimes the big stuff needs a hand to really shift the overwhelm and bring you back to calm.

If this resonates with you, feel free to get in touch and have a chat...

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