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6 popular water adventures  
Everyone is fascinated by water in some way or the other. Some like calm and tranquil blue water, whereas others enjoy turbulent and roiling currents. This makes water an ideal friend for great experiences, and here are some eco-friendly options for you to choose from. 
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Grab a paddle and join Jokkmokkguiderna on a canoe adventure through the wilderness. Pärlälvens (the Pearl River) Nature Reserve in Lapland is one of Sweden’s last forest areas without any roads. A beautiful mountain landscape surrounded by the old forest. Read more >>


Go for a thrilling ride in the wild waters of the mountains! This is a beautiful tour with JoPe Fors & Fjäll starting at Ånn lake with a view over the Jämtland mountains. The first rapid is smooth and short, the second is  2km whereas the last set of rapids is 3km long! Read more >


Live comfortably in the midst of nature and spice up your life with exciting wilderness experiences. Vildmark i Värmland offers a wilderness package with beaver safari and a timber raft tour with a raft that you built yourself with only logs and rope.  Read more >>


When the sun has just dropped behind the treetops, the beaver is at its most active. Nordic Discovery guides you as the forest closes in, and the canoes glide silently along narrow passages. Beaver lodges line the banks, and other traces are felled trees and teeth marks on stems. Read more >>


Canoeing trip for two, the whole family or a bunch of close friends through Svartådalen's countryside, with plenty of time for a picnic and lovely breaks. Also, a trip with tasteful local food experiences and two nights at either Edens Gardens "Old cottage" or more spacious holiday villa. Read more >>


See the wilderness of the north pass you by as you silently float downstream on the Ume River on a self-built raft made of timber and rope. In this corner of the world, the summer nights are ever-bright, and the surroundings around Granö Beckasin inspire further exploration. Read more >>

Let's go fishing

North or south, east or west, in Sweden, the chance of catching your dream fish is never far away. Are you a true fishing aficionado or just in it for the fun and relaxation? Let Nature's Best approved companies show you the best fishing waters and moments.
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Weekend casting course for double handed rod

Fishing for salmon and sea trout with a fly and a double handed rod is an amazing experience. Learn casting techniques together with new found friends. The Mörrums Kronlaxfiske's weekend package is both for beginners and those who want to immerse themselves more in the world of fly-fishing. Read more >>

Fishing for sea trout on the island of Gotland

Come and fish for sea trout with FishYourDream on the island of Gotland! With 800 km of coastline, it's easy to escape the crowds. You fish by wading in shallow water using spinning or fly. Stay in Visby, just five minutes from restaurants and the next day's excellent fishing site. Read more >>


Fly-fishing weekend in Ammarnäs, Vindel mountains

As a fly-fisherman, you will feel privileged looking out over the glittering waters in the magnificent mountain landscape. The fact that the fishing is fabulous here will only add to your pleasure. Join FishYourDream Ammarnäs in discovering the fisherman's treasure of the Vindel mountains. Read more >>

Fly fishing trip accompanied by Icelandic horses 

On an Icelandic horse with a fly-fishing rod strapped to the saddlebags, you ride in the magnificent terrain of Vindelfjällen. Here in the mountain ponds, the trout and the arctic char fishing is in absolute world class. Your guide, Osvald Jonsson from Fjällhästen provides valuable tips for unexperienced riders.  Read more >>


Lake Bysjön is renowned for its big pike and zander and has been attracting international anglers for many years. The fishing around Bengt and Tyttbo Fishing Camp here is of very high quality, thanks to imaginative fishing regulations and the responsible attitude of guest anglers. Read more >>

Fly fishing is all about technique, but it's not impossible to learn - even for those who have never held a fishing rod. At the foot of Mt. Fulufjället, you learn the fly fishing basics with Nordic Footprints. After the course, you can book an extra night with dawn fishing and test your skills in this noble art. Read more >>

Meet Ida-Maria Rigoll, site manager at the Mörrums Kronlaxfiske, recipient of the 2018 Grand Ecotourism Prize. >>
Adventures for the most important people
in the world

Nature is like a giant, open-ended learning laboratory where children are innate scientists that loves to experience the sights, scents, sounds, and textures of the outdoors. Nature provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity and problem-solving. Our quality-labeled companies have lots of custom experiences filled with joy for both children and adults. 
Find more child friendly activities here >>

Family summer week in Lapland

Be careful with the fire and guess what elk-poop looks like! While the kids make new friends and learn this and that about nature with STF Saltoluokta Fjällstation, the older members of the family can dedicate themselves to what they presumably need most: relaxation. Read more >>

Porpoise safari with Kullaberg hike

Make the porpoise safari a full-day adventure with Kullabergsguiderna. Wander through tranquil forests and visit the mountain cows. Try the local cafés or restaurants that dot the trail before hopping on the safari tour boat, time to be on the lookout for the Swedish "dolphin"! Read more >>


5 tips for sustainable fishing
1. Obtain knowledge. Knowledge in ecology and fish conservation is one of the most crucial factors for successful and long-term sustaiable fishing. Also, of course, the know-how to translate knowledge into practical action.

2. Follow laws and regulations. Get acquainted with general fishing rules for fishing in Sweden and with the specific rules that apply to the area in which you fish and the species you fish for. Make sure you have a valid fishing license for the current area.

3. Prioritize eco-friendly companies. Choosing companies that have a well-defined and clear fisheries management policy and environmental considerations, such as Nature's Best approved companies, does good for the environment, nature, and fish while stimulating the whole market to become more aware.

4. Serve as a responsible example. It is not always easy to make a stand for the environment and the fish in our waters. To make a change, support and help are often needed. Therefore it's essential for the conscious fisherman to set an excellent example for environmental and fisheries conservation to inspire and influence attitudes and other fishers.

5. Never take up more fish than you need. Whether you catch-and-release or not. All mass consumption has negative consequences for the environment and ecological sustainability. Any unnecessary fish taken from a fishing lake is a loss of a resource in that ecosystem. Never take up more fish than you need and do not catch fish at all if you are not entirely sure that the local fish stocks and fisheries are long-term ecologically sustainable.
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