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6 popular wildlife watching adventures
It's during autumn, after the hot and dry summer, that the Swedish forest comes to life. When dusk falls and the night has occurred, you will have the best shot at seeing the magnificent animals in their natural state and habitat.
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When dusk falls, the forest comes to life. The moose wakes from his sleep to find food in the open fields. As a guest to WildSweden and the forest you have to be vigilant, moose are usually quiet and still. In the deep woods of Bergslagen, Europe's largest land animal, the moose (or elk in British English) lives in its natural state. Read more >>


Telltale tracks, chilling howls in the moonlit night, and the chance of a rare glimpse of the wolf are what you came to Nordic Safari for. Tension is high in the group as you trek into one of the wolf territories in Västmanland. It is the smallest territory for a wolf pack in Sweden. Chances are good to experience close encounters. Read more >>


The Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) is a beautiful raptor with its finely barred, silver-white chest and dark, ash-grey upperparts. It's not a rare bird in Sweden but very shy and difficult to get close to. Birdsafarisweden has set up carrion, a “Goshawk restaurant” where Goshawks have come to feed for the last wintersRead more >> 


A night with Norrigården Vildmark in the bear forest is an exhilarating experience. A long evening turns into dusk, and jays, ravens, cranes and small birds feast on the bear’s treats. You have found tranquillity, and your eyes are focused, carefully scanning the forest landscape. Where and when will the (un)expected visitor appear? Read more >


The lighthouse keeper’s garden on the south side of the island Öland is one of Sweden’s best locations for bird watching. Both amateur and professional ornithologists come from far and wide to visit Segerstads fyr and the world heritage site and hone their bird watching skills. Read more >> 


When the sun has dropped behind the treetops, the beaver is at its most active. The forest closes in, and the canoes glide silently along narrow passages. Beaver lodges, felled trees and teeth marks on stems line the banks. Chances of spotting the animal with Nordic Discovery are excellent. Read more >>

"...when people come here, they are amazed by our homegrown vegetables and how amazing it is to cook over open fire. It is sustainability in the broadest sense, combined with beautiful nature experiences."
Meet Ulrika Krynitz and Håkan Strotz, owners of Urnatur. 
4 locations for unforgettable meetings

Peaceful and beautiful scenic settings, ideal for inspiring meetings and new
perspectives for you and your colleagues.

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Geunja - Conference at a Sami farm

Here at Geunja Samisk Fjällgård every guest becomes a member of the family. Come by yourself, with friends or with your colleagues from work. The silence belongs here; there is no-one around and not even mobile phone coverage. The wood-fired sauna on the shore of an arctic lake is one of the country’s finest. Read more >>

Dalagård - Meetings close to nature

Dalagård is the perfect conference facility, in the middle of the countryside. They can arrange all the technical equipment you need. The conference facility, if the weather permits, can be open air. It is situated in a converted meadow barn with fantastic views over open countryside, forest and water. Read more >>


Escapades - Kayak conference around Fejan

This is what an adventure experience with horizon feeling may look like: You arrive by boat to the outer archipelago island of Fejan with Escapades. Next is kayaking with lunch facing the open Baltic before sauna and a gourmet dinner. The next day you take place at the conference table, and return to Stockholm in the late afternoon, filled with wise decisions and great perspectives. Read more >>

Urnatur - Conference and green meetings

An open fire is the best catalyst when it comes to elicit funny stories and good ideas … It is surprisingly easy to both hatch new ideas, find new solutions to old problems and discuss the meaning of life at a small fire. Urnatur believes that the environment here unites colleagues and gets you in the right mindset better than any modern techniques ever will be able to. Read more >>


Adventures for the most important people
in the world

Nature is like a giant, open-ended learning laboratory where children are innate scientists that loves to experience the sights, scents, sounds, and textures of the outdoors. Nature provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity and problem-solving. Our quality-labeled companies have lots of custom experiences filled with joy for both children and adults. 
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Beaver safari with children's theatre

A horse and adventure farm with its own theatre, Mimulus is located just over ten kilometers north of Karlstad. It is bursting with creativity and interactive experiences, as pets, people, nature and culture meet in perfect harmony. Bring your whole family along on a special beaver safari!  Read more >>

Autumn break at STF Storulvån Mountain Station

Fill your autumn break with playful snow adventures and cool experiences at STF Storulvån. Ski and snowshoe tours, hot saunas, delicious dinners, and comfortable living. If the weather allows, there is even a chance to spend a night in tents in the mountains.  Read more >>



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