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6 popular adventures on the sea  
Feel the wind blow through the sails or the wawes clucking against your kayak, in the background, you'll hear a seagull screaming as you dip your toes in the cooling water. Let our approved companies take you out on the sea and into the Swedish summer.  
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Treat yourself to an overnight stay on the island of Stora Karlsö off the coast of Gotland. Enjoy a leisurely evening walk, take in the sunset or rise early to the sound of birds chirping. It's another world, far away from all the musts of everyday life. Feel how wonderful life can be. Read more >>


The combination of kayak and Bohuslän archipelago is perfect. Along with Upplevelsebolaget and a dedicated and knowledgeable guide, you paddle through a maze of islands with the horizon as your neighbor. While the fish soup is cooking, you watch the sun go down into the North Sea. Read more >>


You pass beautiful summerhouses on your way out to the seal safari with Guide Natura among the outermost islands of the archipelago. There, it's time to enter the seal's world and meet them in their environment. They'll curiously approach you, inspecting you below the water. Read more >


The wind makes the mast creak, the Baltic waves glitter in the sun and the seagulls are screaming. Enjoy it, explore it and learn how to set sail. Rest in the stern and gaze at ten swelling sails pushing you further into the thousands of islands of the Swedish coast with Skonaren Linnea & Vega. Read more >


Scout for Skåne’s porpoises a.k.a. the 'Swedish dolphins’ with knowledgeable guides from Kullabergsguiderna. A boat tour around Kullaberg’s towering cliffs is an experience to remember, especially in combination with a visit to the Naturum Visitor center. Read more >> 


A three-day Kayaking excursion in the beautiful archipelago south of Stockholm. With Naturguiden you move between islands and skerries, out in the open sea and in secluded caves. you sleep in tents on the islands along the way and prepare your food together over an open fire. Read more >>

"Our mission is that with the help of different inspiring activities bring out more people in nature."
Meet David Arborelius at Kullabergsguiderna, recipient of the 2018 Eco-Tourism Memorial
Prize in memory of Staffan Svanberg.
Adventures for your taste buds

Are you a right-down foodie or do you want to build on your skills in the kitchen? Take the chance and experience some of Swedens most sustainable and flavourful food adventures.
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Try the world-renowned oysters of Grebbestad

Oysters from Grebbestad has a worldwide reputation and the place is also known as Sweden's oyster metropolis. Visit the oyster banks with Everts Sjöbod before taking an archipelago tour with the old fishing vessel Tuffa and learn more about the mythical androgynous oysters. Read more >>

Try cooking traditional Sami cuisine

Come on a journey through traditional Sámi food and culture, based on an ancient tradition of making the most of nature’s riches. Spend your day with Ofelaš in a traditional sami hut, cooking and eating the traditional food from Sápmi around the open fire. Read more >>


Discover nature's enchanting pantry

Do you want to learn what to pick when you're in nature and how to use it in your cooking? Then this is the course for you. A lot of what grows wild in nature can make super tasty dishes. Lasätter Gård and Hild Lorentzi, certified Herbalist, guides you both in nature and in the kitchen. Read more >>

Pick cloudberries in Lapland by the arctic circle

Cloudberries have been enjoyed since the 1700s! Why not try to pick your own berries, meet other cloudberries lovers and together indulge in a special cloudberry supper. All this can be done in early August with Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You. Read more >>


Adventures for the most important people
in the world

Nature is like a giant, open-ended learning laboratory where children are innate scientists that loves to experience the sights, scents, sounds, and textures of the outdoors. Nature provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity and problem-solving. Our quality-labeled companies have lots of custom experiences filled with joy for both children and adults. 
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A visit to the sheep farm for the whole family

Choose between tending the sheep or making wool handicrafts at a sheep farm in the middle of the scenic province of Västergötland. Take a coffee break and finish with a sampling of the farm's delicacies. A great chance for different generations to get a taste of country living at Bitterna Åkatorp! Read more >>

Saltoluokta Family Week - Running

Already on the boat crossing Lake Langas, the excitement increases for the whole family. The week  at STF Saltoluokta Mountain station will be filled with many exciting activities and adventures where the children's interests and will determine the boundaries.  Read more >>



3 tips to support local economy & culture

1. Favor local economies. Choose a local place to stay and to eat at instead of an international chain, shop locally produced goods to avoid long and bad transports. If the locals get a piece of the tourism income, it can even lead to strengthening nature preservation. A forest or a river that attracts visitors and income can gain even more powerful protection than laws and regulations. 

2. Choose environmentally friendly accommodation and activities. Serious companies are certified and provide activities that minimize environmental stress. Visit Nature’s Best website for loads of certified companies and experiences to choose from.  

3. Patronize local companies, guides and natives, by choosing their activities and guides you also get the chance to experience the way they see the land and culture. Also, try to look for authentic and locally produced souvenirs from renewable resources.

Source: Sjöström, Bodil, Johansson , Per, Persson, Mikael, 2007, Klimatsmart : din guide till en miljövänligare vardag

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