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6 popular adventures in the beautiful Swedish mountains  
Summer and fall is the perfect time to explore the Swedish mountains by foot, or why not on the back of an Icelandic horse. It's an exciting and educational world of its own.
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Many people dream of walking in the mountains without having to exert themselves very much. On this tour with Fjällhästen, you can enjoy a two-day excursion in this spectacular mountain region, seated comfortably on the back of an Icelandic pony. Read more >>


Rent a guide for the day! Do you want to be guided on the beautiful mountain peaks surrounding Saltoluokta and learn more about mountain safety? When you rent your guide at STF Saltoloukta, you decide where you would like to go and what to see and learn. Read more >>


The Jämtland triangle is a true mountain classic and is suitable for anyone who loves mountains and spectacular scenery. Walk through birch forest and over the bare mountains, every day of the tour is finished off with a well-earned dinner at one of the famous mountain stations STF Storulvån, Sylarna and Blåhammaren. Read more >


An exhilarating hike with STF Abisko you'll never forget. Great forces have been at work on Kärkevagge, creating high cliffs, boulder fields, and delta formations. This is a fairytale landscape in which barren mountain terrain and fields of colorful alpine flowers are side by side - a paradise for hikers! Read more >


An eight-day adventure in Lapland with Rajamaa and the gracious Malmström family. Explore narrow roads and old paths through the deep forests, rivers and along scenic canyons. The nature here with its flora and fauna is unique to Lapland and the Taiga. Read more >> 


Led by Sami guides and Ofelaš, the Icelandic horses break into a gallop across the remote landscape of Swedish Lapland. Soon the small group of riders finds themselves almost alone in some of Sweden’s most magnificent scenery with vast open spaces above the treeline. Read more >>

"We teach people to fish and handle fish in a sustainable way... If fishing is not sustainable, you'll saw off the branch you're sitting on."
Meet Per Jobs, founder of Nature's Best labeled companies FishYourDream and Björk Experience.
4 unique accommodations for your trip

Make your stay a part of the adventure! Explore Nature's Best
labeled accomodations and get inspired.

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STF Abisko Mountain Station

STF Abisko Mountain Station has a great location in one of Sweden's first national parks and offers a variety of accommodation in the main building, hostel or in a cabin. Here in Abisko, 200 km north of the Polar Circle, the famous King's Trail begins and ends. Read more >>


 In the wilderness of Dalarna, Dalagård offers an exclusive retreat for business meetings, groups of friends, family gatherings, and weddings, as well as a wide range of culinary delights, a private fishing lake, and a private nature reserve. And only 90 minutes by train from the center of Stockholm! Read more >>


Camp Ripan

Camp Ripan is a family-owned enterprise dedicated to providing a warm welcome, comfortable accommodation and fine food as well as activities and experiences. As soon as you put the key in the door to your accommodation at Camp Ripan, it’s almost like coming home. Read more >>


In the middle of the Holaved forests in eastern Sweden, Urnatur invites you to inspiring conferences, events, and parties in the forest hermitage. But this is not any old conference hotel. This is traveling to the roots of the Swedish soul experience. Read more >>


Adventures for the most important people
in the world

Nature is like a giant, open-ended learning laboratory where children are innate scientists that loves to experience the sights, scents, sounds, and textures of the outdoors. Nature provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity and problem-solving. Our quality-labeled companies have lots of custom experiences filled with joy for both children and adults. 
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Summer adventure week in Ammarnäs

A week-long summer adventure in Ammarnäs and Geunja with Björk Experience! Hop on the boat, or why not take the canoe, and visit the beautiful delta and have lunch by a waterfall. Explore the mountains or take a educational nature trek with a Sami guide. Read more >>

Timber rafting expedition on Klaraälven

Take a break for a better flow! Life onboard a log raft with Vildmark I Värmland alternates between two extremes: total calm and frantic activity. With just the right balance of adventure and relaxation, it's perfect for school groups, conference groups and families. Read more >>




1. Choose the right equipment. Choose lightweight clothing that protects you from wind and rain and breathes when you warm up. Dress in layers so that you can easily add or remove clothes according to the weather conditions. Good equipment does not have to be expensive and a sensibly packed rucksack should not be too heavy.

2. Let your itinerary and return be known. It is important to inform someone of your intended route and when you expect to be back. Tell a friend, family or someone else who can raise the alarm if you do not return as planned. 

3. Plan your trip according to the weather. Mountain weather can change quickly. Check the local weather forecast. Always pay attention to warnings about adverse weather conditions in the mountains. 

4. Keep to marked trails. There are thousands of kilometers of marked trails in the mountains, with signs that indicate distances, overnight cabins, and emergency phones. It is wise to keep to the marked trails. It makes it easier to find your way and is a safer alternative if you should need help. Remember that winter trails are marked with a red cross and are not always suitable for summer hikes. 

5. Pack a map and compass. Make sure you have an updated map. A compass is very useful when you leave marked trails. A GPS is useful but cold weather quickly drains batteries. 

6. Get advice from others with experience. Experienced mountaineers can offer important information. Get in touch with them to ask about routes, water levels, bridges and other information that will help you plan your trip. There are several local mountain safety committees with considerable knowledge of the mountains in their regions.

If possible, call 112 in an emergency, unless there is a mountain shelter or cabin with an emergency phone nearby. It is important to be aware that large areas of the mountain range have no mobile phone coverage.

Source: Mountain Saftey Council

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