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New Direction Issue No 2

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Why the new Direction?

For me there are numerous bits of unfinished business from when i moved down to Sydney in 1996 that i feel still need to be addressed in NSW.  

Just to mention a few :
  • Consumer Run Organisation's are not a intergal part of the mental health System
  • Recognition of the people who have created the space that some Consumer and Carers enjoy the benefits at the Government sponsored table. Can you name any of the original members of NSW CAG when it started in 1993
  • In our current strategic directions at both a National and State level the Hearing Voices approach is not mentioned
  • Where would you find a list of the people who are speaking on our behalf at that Government table 
The Charter for Mental Health Care in NSW was first released in 1996 in a report titled From Consumer to Citizen.

One of the tasks Project independence would like to do in 2017 is create an audit to see how people feel we are doing with the charter - if you would like to be involved you can contact Ossie Rights at
The image is from an album called Land of Recovery. To hear and see more information click here 
Do you remember the Charter for Mental Health Care? 
Snakes and Ladders one of the many Recovery aids that will be on display at the Recovery Fair at Callan Park on 2 September 2017
Have you selected one of the six teams to support for the 2017 Team Marbles Challence. Click on the image for more information 
The National Standards Recovery Quilt was launched at the 2016 Tiona Park Recovery Camp. Click the image to get an update
Have you seen this report?

In 1996 Professor Beverley Raphael Brough 135 Consumer and Carers together to find out what the issues were for Consumer and Carers in NSW. The report list the 10 issues that we wanted addressed - 
Were you involved in this forum?

have a look at the full report here
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This is a report that was developed in 2016 on Co-design
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The Recovery Bus was developed to create an image that Consumers could use to describe what Recovery meant for them in 2003
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