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When it comes to web design, Wordpress has been a dominant force for years. But recently, static site generators have become more popular.

They're characterized by their speed, security, and low maintenance requirements.

Two of the most well-known generators are Hugo and Jekyll. It can be difficult to know which one to choose, which is why we've got a side-by-side comparison of them both here. This is also a great starting point if you're new to static site generators and want to find out more about them.
Hugo vs. Jekyll: Which is Right for Your Blog?
Karl Hughes
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What is a “good” website? Obviously, there’s an element of subjectivity to this question, but there are also some objective best practices you can adhere to.
"Life is also a form of self storytelling. We're continually retelling ourselves our life story, but very few people think of themselves as authors of their story, not mere subjects. People with extraordinary high-agency realize this early in life and start maximizing the interestingness of their life story."
"It’s no longer shocking when I meet a programmer who has heard of program synthesis or even tried a verification tool. There are now several popular products based on advanced tools research, and AI advances in general have changed expectations. One company, Facebook, has even deployed automated program-repair internally."
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