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I’ve gone through a couple iterations of my hiring process here on my blog, but I realized this month that I’ve never outlined the techniques I use for onboarding and developing new engineers. As I’m working on hiring an early-career engineer now, I figured it would be a fitting time to describe some of the things I do to get new hires up to speed.

This is one of the most interesting startups I've seen in a long time. Standard Cognition is making autonomous checkout available anywhere through camera computing and they've raised $86M to compete against Amazon.
"People who want to start startups aren’t exposed to enough of the right frustrations. Sure, it’s slightly annoying to split a bill with friends. But the frustration is small. The market difficult to monetize."
While I didn’t attend a bootcamp program, I am a self-taught software developer, so I can relate to the challenges that new graduates face. The most common question I get from new grads is, “I’m done with the program, but what should I do next?”
The Supreme Court might soon be ruling in on whether education is a fundamental public right in the US or not.
"If there is a thing that you buy regularly, you can have it show up on your doorstep every month for $9. And that changes a lot: how we think about marketing, how we think about what our product is and how we think about what customer success actually is."
"[In Finland] teachers viewed the lessons of coding as both deeply un-digital and spatial. The game playing with coding lessons is tactile, moving pieces around game actual boards. The kids connect and sequence actual, touchable puzzle pieces."
Karl Hughes
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