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This week, I was featured on BuiltOnAir, a podcast that talks to people building things on Airtable.

Airtable offers the ease of use of a spreadsheet with the power of a database. Their built-in API makes it possible to build real web applications, so on the podcast, I talked about how I got started speaking as well as the Airtable that powers CFP Land.

Not everyone is as bullish on "No Code" tools as I am though. One of my favorite reads this week was The 'No Code' Delusion by Alex Hudson:
"The logic [in no code applications] is constrained by the ability of the applications which have been wired together, but it’s still there...Just because a decision is embedded into the wiring of a Zapier rule doesn’t remove any of the burden of maintenance/correctness."
Either way, Airtable is a useful tool, so I recommend giving it a try sometime.
Set up company email, document sharing, calendars, and more with GSuite by Google. This is a must-have for any small business or startup, and it's only $6/month with this special offer.
"There's one thing that no one can take away from you - the experience that you lived with, lived through, and will remember for the rest of your life. It's the part of the process that we never really value enough and appreciate while we're going through it, because we're so focused on our immediate concerns."
"Determine whether each feature should be magical or configurable. Put another way, you need to decide if the feature should be visible or invisible."
"Manor School District in Texas lost $2.3 million in an email phishing scam...Three separate transactions occurred in November, which a district employee discovered and reported in December...The FBI and the Manor Police Department are investigating the incident."
The school has been increasingly relying on free labor from undergrads to teach its Computer Science courses. Now they must go back and offer tuition reimbursement to the hundreds of students who taught in the past.
Choose a keyword and location. D7 finds email addresses and contact information for leads that meet your search. It's pretty impressive when it works.
"On January 7, 2020, a New York judge ruled that the $221,385.49 in student loan debt owed by Rosenberg as of November 2019 was dischargeable under chapter 7 bankruptcy."
"Showing up means bringing your whole being — your attention and awareness — into this moment with your child. When we show up, we are mentally and emotionally present for our child right now."
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I have been listening to a lot of startup and bootstrapper podcasts lately. If you have your own favorites, let me hear about them! Just shoot me a reply to this email.
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