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Some people get sentimental or introspective around the turn of the year, but it always makes me look ahead. When you think about the world in 5 or 10 years, what do you see? What things are we doing today that will be irrelevant then? What marketing channels and tactics will we be giggling about in 2030?

In November, I shared a bunch of my predictions for the coming decade, but there's one more thing I keep thinking about: content.

In the coming decade, there's no way we won't have even more content on the internet, and there's no way that the demand will decrease for good content. As AI-based content starts to make an appearance, it's going to be even more critical that creators focus on creative, interesting, and high-quality work. The days of keyword stuffing and boilerplate listicles are long gone.
What do you think the next decade has in store for writers and content marketers? I'd love to hear your thoughts or share your blog posts, just hit reply.

Karl Hughes
Weekly Reading
One of my favorite reads over the holiday break was this essay by Nathan Baschez of Hardbound (formerly Product Hunt):

"The bigger you get, the more you can invest in creating ever higher-quality content. And the better your content, the more cash it generates, the more you can reinvest to increase the quantity and quality of your output. It’s a positive feedback loop."
Coming up with ideas for your startups blog can be mentally taxing. While an SEO audit can help you find opportunities in Google results, it can leave your blog topics feeling a little bit flat.

In my latest post on the blog, I share 50 idea templates you can steal to get your blogging efforts started in 2021.
The world of tech and software development evolves fast, with new frameworks and libraries advancing all the time. It's important to stay tuned in, or you could be left behind. To make that less of a challenge, I've handpicked thirty engineering blogs that you should follow or at least bookmark for future reference.
"Write great content. Period. Write content so good that readers come back not because they have a problem to solve but just to read your posts.In the tech world, chances are, the topic you’re writing about has already been done before. Make yours better."
"Knowing and then deciding what to write is often more valuable than writing everything, but knowing what matters is more of an art than a science."
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