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Somebody at work was asking yesterday why all these big events and college campuses are closing due to Coronavirus?

While all of us want to prevent spread of the disease, there's also a huge motivation not to be the next big Coronavirus headline:
"Within days, though, the Biogen conference would be infamous, identified as an epicenter of the Massachusetts outbreak of Covid-19, with 70 of 92 coronavirus infections in the state linked to the conference as of Tuesday night, including employees and those who came into contact with them." - Boston Globe
It's still hard to tell what will happen in every industry due to the mounting pandemic, but it's safe to say the travel and events industries are going to suffer greatly this year. I've already noticed a huge dropoff in open rates on my CFP Land Newsletter.
If your business or industry has been effected in an interesting or unexpected way, reply to this email. I'd like to share your story next week.
Early stage startups used to struggle to offer retirement plans, healthcare, and other benefits, but Gusto has changed that. Most of these services are so cheap and easy to set up with Gusto that there's no reason not to offer them.
"We are back to generating separate HTML/CSS and JS files and then putting them on a static file server — the CDN."
I learned this the hard way a couple years ago trying to containerize all our apps at The Graide Network. I've come to love simple shell scripts now.
The disgraced and corrupt ex-governor is using the platform to make money "to provide for his family." I have never been crazy about Cameo, but this really rubs me the wrong way. Most felons have a hard time getting a minimum wage job, and this guy gets to pull down $20k/week sending online greeting cards?
My coworker, Alyssa Nickow contributed her thoughts to this piece: "Have a support system in place...This can be an affinity group within the company, friends/family, or there are some great online communities that I have seen serve as a sounding board for how to handle issues."
The PlayStation 2 was groundbreaking in that it supported games from the past generation of the console. While I don't know a ton about hardware programming and emulation, I found this a fascinating read.
A counter to the argument that monthly SaaS services are always a better investment than headcount: "The expense of software subscriptions—on a per-employee basis—is now rivaling the sky-high costs of providing employees and their families with health insurance."

Still, you have to look at the ROI of these services and decide whether they add more productivity to your team or not.
I'm giving DuckDuckGo a try this month to see how it compares to Google for daily use. My main goal is just exploring, but maybe it'll replace Google for me.
This is a huge area for disruption. As we stack up more essential business tools for our companies, we need a way to actually access all that data in one place.
"Easy, code-free, user flows to drill down and slice and dice the data underlying exposed dashboards. The dashboards and charts acts as a starting point for deeper analysis."
Personal Updates
Despite Coronavirus fears, I'm still on the schedule to speak at 7 events between April and June. I have a feeling some of these might become screencasts instead of in-person events, but we'll just have to see. 🤞
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