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As a former software developer, I can tell you that devs are a notoriously difficult group to market to. They’re tech-savvy, generally skeptical, and often use tools like adblockers to stop traditional advertising in its tracks.

At the same time, developers are an extremely valuable market to reach. They are well-paid and invest in educational materials and tools to help them do their jobs.

Developers also carry a lot of influence on spending within their companies. If a developer needs a new tool to do their job, there’s a good chance their managers will put it under consideration.

So this, week, I am sharing a few things I've learned about successful developer marketing.
6 Tips for B2D Marketing
I'm interested to hear what you think? Have you seen any good examples of B2D (business to developer) marketing that I can highlight here in the newsletter? Any good case studies?

Karl Hughes
Weekly Reading
As a startup founder, you get pulled in a million different directions from the moment you start your company. It can be overwhelming to have to learn so many new skills at once: raising funds, hiring a team, managing people. Here are some of the books I read before I started earlier this year.
"Team plans are where the money is, and therefore where founders should focus their energy and resources. Individual plans can be useful to generate leads, but their long-term revenue potential is significantly smaller."
"You can post multiple times, event with the same title. I've checked some account submissions. It can be posted from different users, or the same user."
"Having a content plan or an editorial calendar does not mean that you have an actual content marketing strategy. The strategy is a high-level framework for how the content you’re creating will actually translate into tangible business growth."
"Product-led companies make this possible by giving the buyer the “keys” to use the product and helping them experience a meaningful outcome while using the product. At this point, upgrading to a paid plan becomes a no-brainer."
"Building a worldview seems constraining at first. Why would you limit yourself to a small set of ideas? In reality, doubling down on One Big Idea is like walking through a portal into a vast, panoramic space you couldn’t have imagined."
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