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We’re almost out of January, which means we’re almost at the point where most people give up their New Year’s Resolutions. (Apparently around 80% fail by mid-February.) How are you getting on with yours? 

I know a lot of people in the technical space want to learn how to write better content. I’m obviously a little biased but I think this is a great goal. It’s a way of organizing your thoughts, developing a new skill, and having a direct way to communicate with your audience. 

As you might expect, I write a lot, both for myself and my clients. I don’t always write every single day, though. But Lenny Rachitsky has made a quick presentation with his method for establishing a daily writing habit, and if this is a goal of yours, it might be just what you need.

What methods have you used to build new habits? Just hit reply, I’d love to hear them.

Karl Hughes
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"Great minds became brilliant through the act of writing.

Writing is a laxative for the mind. Great ideas emerge while writing—not before. After writing ideas down, your brain is compelled to draw connections between them.

To write is to think using your mind's full capacity."
"After almost ten years working for startups, I’ve seen some pretty wild things." 

In this post, I share my experiences, both good and bad, of working at different startups.
"As part of Google‘s commitment to making the Web more visually appealing and engaging, Web Stories have been recently promoted in the United States, India, and Brazil at the top of Discover. I have experimented with several clients throughout 2020 with this new format."
"Instead of using a CTA that makes the page more persuasive, most designers miss the opportunity, leaning on uninspiring copy like “submit,” “sign up,” and “subscribe.”

Today, we showcase landing page call-to-action examples that raise the bar, using persuasive principles that can boost conversion rates."
"The rules of B2B growth have changed, and the companies that will win are the companies that will out-innovate their competitors. The world’s fastest-growing B2B companies are borrowing and adapting pages from the BC2 growth playbook and using new technologies and tools to build powerful engines of sustainable breakout growth."
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