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We're living in a salary bubble. Nobody knows why 12-week bootcamp grads are better paid than recent college graduates. If you're a programmer, be ready for things to slow down this decade, but what can you do to avoid being in trouble when salaries stop rising?

I'd recommend living on a small portion of your income and saving a multiple of your living expenses...If you take this approach and there's no bust, you're still in a good place: you can retire early or support things you believe in...If being laid off and unable to find similarly high-paying work would be a disaster, figure out what you need to change so that it wouldn't be. - Jeff Kaufman

Also, don't call yourself a programmer.
Airtable has quickly become my favorite tool for storing data or creating custom workflows of any kind. Each Airtable comes with its own API, so you can hack apps together with it or connect Airtable to other apps using Zapier. Check out their 'inspiration' page for many more creative uses.
I don't necessarily agree with all of these points, but they're worth your consideration if you're thinking about enrolling in a bootcamp in 2020.
"Modern cars work at 98% of what’s physically possible with the current engine design. Modern buildings use just enough material to fulfill their function and stay safe under the given conditions. All planes converged to the optimal size/form/load and basically look the same. Only in software, it’s fine if a program runs at 1% or even 0.01% of the possible performance."
90% of client-facing businesses will never generate enough cash for the founders to pay themselves a decent salary. Finding clients is way harder than anyone expects...and client service does not scale.
"I ruined every single one of my 70+ interviews with experts in the field, executives and potential customers. I heavily biased every interview and the bad data I collected ended up setting us back six months."
"The reason why they are still in this segment is they try to insert their influence as early on as possible.They want to make sure their operating system, their whole ecosystem, gets really ingrained in students’ lives...K-12 is not a big moneymaker but it’s a big branding opportunity,"
"I think the large passive managers have a real difficult decision to make: do they want to continue to finance the destruction of human civilization, or not?” - Al Gore
"You can’t just create value for the user: that’s a charity. You also can’t just create value for your company: that’s a scam. Your goal is to set up some kind of positive-sum exchange, where everyone benefits, including you."
"RPA (basically tools anyone can use to create programmatic APIs on top of legacy software) and NoCode (letting anyone build an app with a spreadsheet as a database representation) are the biggest shifts in enterprise software since the cloud. In a few years, aspects of RPA and NoCode are likely to be incorporated into an increasing proportion of enterprise applications as a standard tool set."
A lot of conferences put together YouTube feeds of all their talks, so with Podsync, you can turn those into a convenient podcast feed to listen to on the go.
Bring all your retargeting advertising together into one powerful application. Set up in minutes. See results immediately.
"How much business has the podcast brought us? None whatsoever. Do we get a lot of feedback since we ask for it at the end of every episode? Nope."
"Organizational Complexity measures the number of developers working on the module, number of ex-developers that used to work on the module, how big a fraction of the organization has worked on the module, the distance in the organization between the developer and the decision maker, etc."
"A classic rookie mistake made by most entrepreneurs is spraying and praying at large prospect audiences...Don’t do that. For B2B sales, you need to determine the optimum type of business to sell into: Their size, their industry, their appetite for innovation, and anything else you can use to narrow your focus."
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My wife and I took our new son Joe on his first plane ride this week to visit friends in Austin, TX, and it went...really well!

I don't care too much what other people think of me, but I was hoping we wouldn't be the family with the crying baby on the least not yet.
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