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This week, I was featured on two more tech podcasts as part of the podcasting tour I'm currently doing to promote CFP Land. I love how each host brings their own flavor to the conversation, and you can see that clearly in the two podcsasts below.
  • Jason Swett is an experienced conference speaker and tech team leader, so our experiences speaking were pretty similar. I haven't done any Ruby conferences though, so it was interesting to talk about some of the differences in that community vs. the PHP and Javascript conferences I am familiar with.
  • Adam Gordon Bell of the CoRecursive Podcast also had me on his show. He isn't speaking yet, but it's something he's considering. I like his podcast because he tends to drive guests towards the "meta" side of our industry to talk about things that don't get talked about enough.
I'll have a few more podcast appearances coming up in March, so keep an ear open for me. 👂
Set up company email, document sharing, calendars, and more with GSuite by Google. This is a must-have for any small business or startup, and it's only $6/month with this special offer.
"A single AI model can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in compute resources. While it’s tempting to treat this as a one-time cost, retraining is increasingly recognized as an ongoing cost, since the data that feeds AI models tends to change over time."
"Notably absent from the top 10 are Google and Apple...Google featured in the top 10 every year until 2018, while Apple has been ranked five times in 10 years."
"The same principle that lets a 13-person crew navigate the world’s largest container ship to a port halfway around the world without breaking down also applies to startups working towards aggressive growth goals: Simple systems have less downtime."
I've always used "merges" to sync my code before making a pull request but lately I've been trying to learn about reabasing. This guide is a good overview of the two strategies.
Maybe don't take investment advice from former actors? Either way, this ICO was a flop and landed Steven Seagal in hot water with the SEC, so hopefully you missed it.
"Merit pay programs for teachers are associated with a significant increase in student test scores, according to a new review of 37 studies, including 26 conducted in the U.S. But the effects depend of how the program is designed."
"Not only do questions help people clarify issues for themselves before deciding how to move forward, they also strengthen their ability to ask themselves the right questions and to become independent of you."
My friend Andrew Kamphey created a free newsletter audit checklist. If you're sending a regular email newsletter, this could be really helpful.
If you have ever questioned whether you are better suited to be an employee or an entrepreneur then this book is for you. My friend Jonathan Patrick just released his second book that I'd recommend picking up if like me you ride the line between employee and entrepreneur.
"Computers, operating systems, networks are a hot mess. They're barely manageable, even if you know a decent amount about what you're doing. Nine out of ten software engineers agree: it's a miracle anything works at all."
Pat Walls (of Starter Story) launched a SaaS, and instead of going through a $15k Google security audit, he walked his first customers through the process of bypassing the Google warning. Super scrappy, I love it!
Discover the best landing page examples created by top-class SaaS companies, and get ideas and inspiration for your next design project.
"Easily build APIs and microservices using Paragon's visual workflow editor. Paragon gives you building blocks like triggers, cloud functions, and API integration - so you can just focus on your core business logic."
This might actually be better than Zapier for some use cases. I'm really excited to try it out.
Personal Updates
My son, Joey is going through a "leap" right now. This basically means he's crying anytime he's put down, and he's always tired. This makes many things harder to do, so we're hoping this phase passes quickly. 👶
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