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Have you ever thought about creating an online course? Here are three good reasons people make them:

  1. The product requires specialized knowledge
  2. To position yourself as a thought leader
  3. Extra income - either supplementary or by making the course a business in its own right.
When it comes to making one, some things are obvious: you need a topic, you need to create the content, and have a way to publish it. And you also need a way to promote it and collect payments.

Fortunately, there are a lot of different tools available offering a variety of functionality. Some are free, others are paid, and they include complete 'all in one' solutions.

I have an overview of 17 here
Online Course Creation Tools
Karl Hughes
Weekly Reading
"Every time I would meet a successful or important person I admired, I would ask them: What’s a book that changed your life? And then I would read that book. (In college, for instance, I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Drew, who was the one who turned me on to Stoicism.)"
"Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the creators of South Park. They want each episode to have a sense of cause and effect, tension and rising action. To do that, they’ve studied the science of effective storytelling. They noticed that boring stories build off the words 'And Then' while entertaining ones used 'But & Therefore.'"
"Let’s say that improving your decision making allows you to increase the utility function of each decision by 0.5%. But after 1,000 such good decisions, that same function will have increased 147X."
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