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It's often said that the hardest part is just getting started, and content marketing is no exception.

You may already be sold on the benefits of content marketing and feel like you should be doing it, but experience one of the common barriers:

  • "What do I say?"
  • "Where should I post?"
  • "How do I avoid running out of ideas?"
This analysis paralysis can stop anyone in their tracks.

But the great news is you're surrounded by things you can use as content, from customer feedback to what your business does to original research.

Getting the ball rolling can be difficult, but once it's going, you'll find that it gains momentum quickly. Running out of ideas is unlikely to be a concern for long!

To get you started, I have 26 low-cost and free content marketing ideas here.
26 low-cost content marketing ideas
Karl Hughes
Weekly Reading
"If you want to engage your customers at the moment they’re considering buying your product or signing up for your service, there’s no better way than live chat."
"Academics are so scared of plagiarism that they commit another sin: triviality, where their ideas are original but irrelevant."
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