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Email remains an important and effective channel for communicating with your audience (after all, you’re reading this message in an email!) but performance can vary.

And, as with anything, there are some people getting it right and others getting it very wrong.

There’s a very powerful tactic you can use to have a significant impact on your email’s performance - from the number of opens to how much revenue it drives. Best of all, a lot of it can be done automatically by your email provider.

What is this tactic?

Personalization. This isn’t just including the recipient’s name in the subject line or start of the email, it’s tailoring everything to the individual.

For example, segmentation. Make sure the emails the person receives are relevant to them. This means not all subscribers will receive the same message.

Personalization also includes sending the email at a time that corresponds with their historical open patterns, or matching how often you email them with their engagement levels.

It does take extra work, but personalized emails have an ROI of 122% and generate 58% of all revenue, so it's worth at least considering.

Read more about personalization ideas and research in this in-depth article by Designmodo.
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