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I've tried dozens of tools like Buffer, Recurpost, and Tweetdeck, but none have gotten as close to my ideal social media automation workflow as RiteKit. Schedule posts, automatically enhance them with hashtags, mentions, and emojis, and add custom calls-to-action on each of your links.
You don't need a native app to send notifications, build share menus, or add offline access. Web browsers are getting really powerful.
"Would-be innovators from around the world look to Silicon Valley for guidance on how to drive their own innovation yet despite the hype, recent innovation in the valley is incremental rather than transformative."
Hire DevRels is an idea I've been kicking around for a while now, and the timing seems perfect. A lot of my subscribers at CFP Land work in developer relations, and there aren't many good niche job boards for them.
"When a great team meets a lousy market, market wins. When a lousy team meets a great market, market wins. When a great team meets a great market, something special happens."
"At the bottom of the test pyramid, we have the most isolation and also the fastest performance. This is where we get the most feedback about the design of the system. The more we move up the test pyramid, the more integration is employed and verified which results in slower tests and less feedback."
Covid 2019
I decided to break all the Coronavirus posts into their own section here so you can choose to skip it if you've had enough of that in your inbox already.

I'll try not to let this fill up the entire newsletter, but it's hard to avoid the topic entirely.
"Amazon has been flooded with orders since the virus began spreading across the US, as residents have been stocking up on household essentials and other basic goods."
Covid 19 is scary, and it's spreading quickly, but it might not be as bad as some data make it look.
Online learning, food delivery, and home fitness will all see tailwinds due to a massive rise in remote work. I also Tweeted about some of the industries I see most likely to thrive and fail this year.
"Every dollar [you] invest in the current market environment will grow to far more than one invested in months prior, assuming that the market eventually recovers."
It's hard to imagine almost 30% of Americans out of work, but it's now part of the discussion. Scary thought.
Humans will survive, but what does our world look like when half the small businesses close for good? That might be the post-Covid landscape.
Tools for Makers
This seems to do most of the things I do manually with a new Twitter account automatically. I'd definitely recommend something like this if you're getting started in social media.
"AI-powered data extraction from documents + human-in-the-loop."
This looks really nice. I'm not a designer, so I usually pay for bootstrap themes when I start a new project. I may try this one for free next time though.
Most things that you can do manually in the browser can be done automatically using Puppeteer. Requires you to write code, but can be a great jumping off point for building crawlers, scrapers, and automation systems.
It's rediculousy easy to set up a SaaS or monthly membership site in 2020. Substation is free and hosted on Glitch.
Personal Updates
I made bagels for the first time, and they were delicious. I'm doing a lot of baking now that I'm home all day taking care of Joe and working when he naps.

I'm also combatting the isolation by having coffee/lunch chats with friends via Google Hangout. What are you doing to stay connected during the crisis?
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