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If you ever struggle with knowing what to write for a piece of content, or wonder if some types of content offer more benefit than others, you're going to like today's email.

The first rule of creating good content is to focus on quality. You want readers to enjoy it, benefit from it, and be keen to read more from you.

But when it comes to which format to use for your writing, your options open up a lot. A simple format to consider is a roundup or 'listicle'.

Here are two important reasons roundups work:
  • They're great for SEO and visibility in search results
  • They're more likely to be shared on social media because the people or brands mentioned in the list will be inclined to share it
If you want to find out more about writing a technical roundup, with details on how to do it, you'll enjoy this new post by Anastasia on the Draft blog.
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Every day, 525 million Google queries have never been searched before. That's a huge number of opportunities waiting to be worked into strategies, optimization, and content plans. But the research tools are a month behind with the data they provide - so how do we know what to work into our strategies?
"People don’t write because it “takes too long.” Typing and editing is too much work, so they don’t put their best ideas on paper. Words on paper are the closest thing we have to time travel. Once you write something down, you can remix and reuse the ideas for the rest of your life."

Most designers miss the opportunity of using persuasive, compelling CTAs, and instead choose plain and boring copy like "learn more" and "sign up". If you want your CTAs to perform better, here are 13 creative options.
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