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Today, content marketing is a popular marketing tool, but it's not new. It predates TikTok, MySpace, and even the Internet itself. The Content Marketing Institute points out that Benjamin Franklin used content as a marketing tool all the way back in 1732!

The article highlights that content marketing has been around for a long, long time. Storytelling didn't begin when Twitter released an iPhone app - it's encoded into our DNA. 

Yet "What's the point of content marketing?" is still a commonly asked question.

It's understandable. After all, it's easy to think that writing an article or making a video isn't "real work" like coding a new piece of software.

The truth is content marketing can have a profound impact on any business. It's an amazing tool for:

• Building brand awareness

• Reaching a wider audience

• Communicating your values

• Building brand affinity and loyalty

That's just scratching the surface! Content is also a powerful sales tool, and can facilitate higher revenue even when it isn't directly driving more sales.

If you’re unsure about content marketing, or want a few defences in your pocket for the next time you’re asked “what’s the point?” I highly recommend this article by Julian Shapiro:
Growth Handbook: Content marketing and SEO
Karl Hughes
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"Positioning is a misunderstood concept but I believe that if you master it, it can be the most powerful strategic tool you have at your disposal."
"Long story short: there are opportunities for B2B companies in search, and here’s how to capitalize on them in the year ahead."
Learning from those ahead of us can be a highly effective way of learning what to do (and what not to do). The lessons here apply to more than just writing newsletters, too.
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