Tell your Members of Congress to Oppose H.R. 1

After passing both houses of Congress, H.R.1 (the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) begins the conference committee process on Wednesday before heading for a FINAL Congressional vote NEXT WEEK. This tax bill will cause enormous harm to most Americans over the coming years. We don’t have a lot of time to stop this destructive bill – Congressional leaders want it on President Trump’s desk as soon as possible.

This tax bill is fundamentally flawed beyond repair – in three big ways:


Your voice can make a powerful difference in the outcome of this legislation. We have to stop this bill’s momentum. Only a strong outcry from constituents like you can achieve that.

Get Informed:

We've created a fact sheet to help you get up to speed on the details of this plan and how you could be impacted. Click here for a full view.

Call Congress Today:

Click here to find your Senators and Representatives and call their offices today.

Sample Calling Script:

Hi, my name is _______ and I'm a constituent of Senator/Representative ___________. I'm calling to express my opposition to the tax reform plan going through conference committee, H.R. 1. [Short personal anecdote about how your taxes would be negatively impacted, if applicable]. This plan would explode the deficit to pay for tax cuts that do not help most Americans. This is unacceptable. Will Senator/Representative ___________ oppose this legislation?

Use Social Media:

Let your members of Congress and your social networks know what you think of this bill. Here are some sample tweets:

  • The #GOPTaxPlan goes against values of fairness, fiscal discipline, and our moral responsibility to care for the vulnerable #Faith4TaxJustice

  • The #GOPTaxPlan would add $1.5+ trillion to the deficit, threatening funding for healthcare, food and nutrition, housing, education, and much more. #Faith4TaxJustice
  • The #GOPTaxPlan would tax families who pay state income taxes twice. #Faith4TaxJustice

Attend A Grassroots Event:

Communities around the country are mobilizing to let their members of Congress hear their opposition to H.R.1. Find an event near you here.

Let us know how your calls went and feel free to ask us any questions by e-mailing us at

Stay active,

Afif, Nadia, Ayesha, and Wardah

Poligon Education Fund is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization dedicated to amplifying the American Muslim voice in Congress. Donations are tax deductible and zakat eligible.
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