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Hill Headlines

2018 Budget: After voting Tuesday to begin debate on the Republicans’ 2018 budget resolution, the Senate voted 51-49 Thursday night to approve the $4 trillion budget. The vote was split along partisan lines, with Sen. Paul (R-KY) being the only Republican voting against the resolution. The budget would offset tax cuts for higher incomes with reductions in spending for certain government assistance programs. The House can now choose to take up the bill for passage or call for a conference committee between the two chambers.

Legislative Updates


Bipartisan Healthcare Stabilization: Sen. Murray (D-WA) and Sen. Alexander (R-TN) introduced their plan to stabilize insurance premiums after President Trump issued an executive order to end Affordable Care Act subsidies for low-income insurance plans. The bill would guarantee the subsidies for another two years while reducing ACA regulations so that states can authorize more flexible health insurance plans and support the sale of insurance plans across state lines.
02.pngDefunding the Muslim Ban: Sen. Murphy (D-CT) has filed S. 1979, which would defund the implementation of President Trump’s most recent travel ban executive order on the grounds that is unconstitutional. The bill also affirms that such policies are illegal under the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which prohibits discrimination in immigration based on national origin.
03.pngHate Crime Victim Assistance Act: Rep. Velazquez (D-NY-7) has filed H.R. 4065, which calls for Congress to establish $50 million in grant programs to support the expansion informational websites and hotlines related to hate crimes on the local level, train law enforcement officers to better tackle hate crimes, support organizations that provide services for hate crime victims, and require comprehensive reporting on hate crimes at the state level.
04.pngStudent Loan Relief Act: H.R. 4000 by Rep. Comstock (R-VA-10) directs the Treasury to establish a three-year program for graduates to refinance their student loans with private lenders at lower interest rates. It would also exclude employers’ assistance with student debt payments from taxable income.

04.pngGender Equity in Education Act: Rep. Slaughter (D-NY-25) recently introduced H.R. 3828, directing the Department of Education to establish an Office for Gender Equity to fully enforce the protections against gender-based discrimination included in Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. The office’s duties would include collecting data on gender inequality in education, supporting programs against sexual violence, and providing standardized trainings to Title IX coordinators on college campuses. Sen. Hirono (D-HI) introduced a companion bill (S.1421) in June.

Hill Events

No Muslim Ban Ever DC Mobilization

Poligon joined Muslims and allies for Wednesday’s march from the White House to the Trump International Hotel to stand firm against President Trump’s latest travel ban. Speakers called for all communities targeted by the administration to support each other, and for people to stay vigilant about future attacks on equality, freedom, and tolerance.

Facebook Live Chat: Congress’ Response to the Muslim Ban

Wednesday evening our team members Ayesha and Mariam held a Facebook Live discussion of the afternoon’s march, the history of President Trump’s travel bans, and the importance of engaging members of Congress to help push back against the current ban and any future versions.

Further Reading

Hill Buzz

On the Budget:

“They are taking from the working families and the poor and they are giving to the rich. It's a proposal that must be defeated.” - Sen. Sanders (I-VT)

“I have long supported efforts to fix our burdensome tax system, and hope Congress will produce meaningful reform that simplifies the tax code, strengthens America’s middle class and boosts our economy.” - Sen. McCain (R-AZ)

On the Murray-Alexander Healthcare Stabilization Plan:

“The GOP should focus on repealing and replacing ObamaCare, not on trying to save it.” - Rep. Walker (R-NC-6)

“While Democrats would prefer to permanently authorize [ACA subsidy] payments in order to provide certainty to consumers and insurers, this deal represents a reasonable compromise.” - Rep. Hoyer (D-MD-5)

On Muslim Ban 3.0:
“The order is contrary to the principle of religious freedom and does not strengthen our national security - Congress should not fund its implementation.”
- Sen. Feinstein (D-CA)

On the Hate Crime Victim Assistance Act:

“We have to work at all levels of government to prevent hate crimes, swiftly prosecute those that occur, and show meaningful support and compassion for victims.” - Rep. Velazquez (D-NY-7)

On the Gender Equity in Education Act of 2017:

“This is a step Congress can and should take to open the doors of opportunity even wider for women and girls nationwide.” - Rep. Slaughter (D-NY-25)

Poligon Education Fund is working tirelessly to 1) monitor and hold accountable all Congressional action taken on issues that deeply impact the lives of everyday American Muslims and 2) educate American Muslims on effective advocacy and Congressional engagement. Only a few months since our launch, we have jumped headfirst into this crucial work, which we can only hope to continue with your generous support. Please take time to make a contribution.

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