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Hill Headlines

Government Again on the Brink of Shutdown: The Senate has until tonight at midnight to pass another short-term funding measure (known as a continuing resolution, or CR) for the federal government in the absence of a full annual budget. The House passed the CR Thursday evening. Republicans are divided over the amount of defense spending and other provisions in the CR, while Democratic leaders have stated that they would not lend any votes in support unless a legislative solution for DACA recipients is also passed.

Legislative Updates

Bipartisan House DACA Plan: Rep. Hurd (R-TX-23) introduced H.R. 4796, the Uniting and Securing America Act, which would provide protections and a pathway to permanent residency for DACA recipients. The bill also requires the government to study which sections of the U.S.-Mexico border should have physical barriers and implement those barriers by 2020.
Senate Approves Surveillance Powers Renewal: After the House did so last week, the Senate voted 65-34 to pass S. 139, renewing Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, thus sending it to President Trump’s desk. The bill provides a six-year extension for the government’s power to monitor communications of foreign suspects, including those with American citizens.
Protecting Veterans from Predatory Lending Act: Sen. Tillis (R-NC) and Sen. Warren (D-MA) introduced S. 2304, which will require loans refinanced through the Department of Veteran Affairs’ home loan program to financially benefit the borrower rather than the mortgage lender.

Upcoming Events

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Further Reading

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Hill Buzz

On the Looming Shutdown:

“I voted against [the CR] because it failed to offer hope to the 800,000 young American Dreamers who have been put at risk by the actions of President Trump and Congressional Republicans.” - Rep. Takano (D-CA-41)

“While our troops are over there risking their lives for us, [Democrats are] trying to come up with some issue that's not even a top 20 priority of the American people." - Rep. McSally (R-AZ-2)

On President Trump’s Disparaging Remarks About Immigrants from Certain Countries:

“When the president of the United States decides to call Africa, Haiti and El Salvador the words he used, that’s not ‘unfortunate.’ That is wrong. That is disgusting. That is hurtful.” - Rep. Richmond (D-LA-2)

“The President must apologize to both the American people and the nations he so wantonly maligned.” - Rep. Love (R-UT-4)

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