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(And also for this AMAZING vintage home-planning guide by Mademoiselle.)
20th Century Cincinnati
I enlisted my husband Steve to help work the booth - and even with two of us, it was hard to keep up with the crowds!  Not having attended 20th Century Cincinnati before, I didn't quite know what to expect, but many other vendors have said that they thought it was a bigger crowd than in past years.  What I do know is that we gave out almost all of our 100 physical catalogs on the FIRST DAY!  (That was crazy - and, note to self - next year double that amount.)  If you were at the show and unable to get a catalog, you can download it from our website here.
We had a blast meeting everyone.  This awesome woman on my right is Allison who doesn't have a house yet, but was so much fun to talk to (and to share wardrobe ideas with).  There were a number of memorable guests to our booth - the guys from Columbus with their amazing tiki basement, my kismet soul mate Rhonda (more about her later) and the woman who has the tiki playground backyard!  Seriously, if you didn't attend the show this year, come next year not only for the shopping but also to meet all of the kindred spirits!
Thanks again everyone, for being patient with our spiel (we did that spiel a zillion times over the weekend!) and for being understanding when we ran out of catalogs!  Will we see you again next year?  I sure hope so!
Over on the Blog...I mean Social Media
The blog posts are on hold at the moment while we are in the midst of a website re-design.  But if you aren't following us on social media, then you're missing half of the goods!  (You can find all of our social media locations at the end of this newsletter.)  We cover the gamut of interesting mid-century-related news each day, and after the show, I shared a personal story that just gave me the chills.  If you follow us on social media, then you've already heard this, but for those of you who don't (and why not?) here's our story of kismet from the 20th Century Cincinnati Show.
Once upon a time, before starting Make it Mid-Century, I was on the internet and stumbled across the photo of the room divider on the left above. I was instantly in love. So much so, that I've kept that image for years and used it as inspiration for one of our interior door kits, the door on the right in the image above. Our products are all named after 1950's baby names, so at random, we named this door kit Rhonda Helen.

Fast forward to this weekend at the 20th Century Cincinnati show. One of the other vendors came over to our booth to talk and noticed the Rhonda Helen on our poster of all of the products we carry. In particular, she noticed the Rhonda Helen door kit because....that photo of the room dividers that I've been coveting all these years is in HER HOUSE. Wait, folks, this gets even weirder. That woman who owns the house with those amazing dividers? Her name is RHONDA. Chills. We were meant to meet!

I still can't believe that that happened - I guess the world of people who live mid-century, love mid-century and collect mid-century is a small one!
All About Color
On Monday, one of the lovely people we'd met over the weekend reached out to us with questions about mid-century colors and what paints we recommend.  I thought that this was a great question and decided to share the answer that I shared with her here in the newsletter.
What paints do we recommend?
Back in the day, I used any old big-box store paint for my projects.  That was until I tried to paint my dining room a deep red.  After three coats of that generic paint, I was no closer to getting that true red that I was after, and I was left with a cramped brush hand.  As an architect, I had worked with Sherwin-Williams before, so I headed over to the store and bought a gallon of their paint in the "same" color.  In one coat, I finally had EXACTLY the right color.  I've been a Sherwin-Williams convert ever since.  P.S. Watch for coupons!
How do you come up with color palettes for your home?
One great place to find color palettes (and one that I've used extensively in my graphic design work) is  If you click on the palette section and type in the keywords "mid century" you'll get some pre-made palette ideas that others have come up with as a start for inspiration.
Another place to find color palettes is Sherwin-Williams' Snap Your Colors app.  (I promise that I get no kickbacks from Sherwin-Williams!)  Upload any image or photos and voilà!  The ColorSnap app returns the nearest Sherwin-Williams colors.  Neat, huh?
Other Resources
Of course, there are a lot of useful articles on the web about colors and color palettes for mid-century homes. is a now defunct website, but still hosts some great articles on mid-century color palettes. is another great blog that you should be checking out for everything, not just color ideas.  They have a number of articles on color palettes their readers have chosen for their own homes that are a great inspiration and show how others go about making color decisions.
Last, and certainly not least, is the granddaddy of all retro blogs, who has a pleathora of information about mid-century color palettes for paint, tile, flooring - you name it!
What paint colors did you use on your garage doors at the show this weekend?
The William garage door kit is wearing Sherwin-Williams SW 6450 Easy Green, SW 6449 Topiary Tint and SW 6649 Tango.
Keep the questions coming - we love hearing from you and try to help out with problem-solving where we can!
We're still in the midst of cleaning up our website for you.  In the meantime, please know that you can download our catalog on our website.  Ready to buy?  Just shoot us an email to tell us what product you'd like to purchase and we'll send you an invoice.
Easy peas-y!
That's all for this month.  Don't let another month go by without keeping in touch!  Hope to see or hear from you soon.
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