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Happy Almost-Weekend!

Sit up straight
Drop your shoulders – shake it off
Take a deep breath in and out...
That's better, isn't it? 

Moving on.

Today I am flying to a wedding in Costa Rica... as a guest!!  
I've only been a guest twice in my life.  After shooting more than 200 weddings and being a bridesmaid and an MC, I am SUPER excited to attend the nuptials of my special, gorgeous, hilarious friend April.  April is owner of Olive Studio Canada and is an extremely talented wedding stylist, planner and photographer.  In other words, this trip is going to be Awesome.

So today I want to share with you TEN tips – from the point of view of a wedding photojournalist...

How to be a Good Wedding Guest!

1. DO let yourself cry and don't hide it  -  emotion is beautiful and the newlyweds will be touched to see how much their day moved you. 

2. DON'T chew gum  -  gum guarantees you look awkward in all photos. 

3. DO ask the photographers if you want a posed pic with your date / loved ones  -  I mean, this IS a special occasion!
4. DON'T look at your phone all the time  -  photographers will ignore you / edit you out of all the photos, and then the newlyweds won't have any record of you at their wedding. 

5. DO sing along to Backstreet Boys "I want it that way" if it comes on - because you MUST. 

6. DON'T stick your phone out into the aisle as if you think it (and your whole arm) is invisible and won't ruin everyone else's photos.

7. DO get into the middle of that circle to show off your dance moves / make out on the late-night dance floor.

8. DON'T look at the camera  -  if the photographer is documentary style, like me, they are capturing candids.  If you notice them skulking around, just keep doing what you're doing: smiling and chatting and having a fabulous time with your fabulous friends. 

9. DO surprise the couple with a delightful inside joke or flashmob  -  if you've got the coordination skillz to whip everyone into shape. 

Candid photography PRO TIP:  It looks good on the photographer if everyone looks gorgeous in the photos.  So if we take a snap of you that looks bad  –  it WILL get edited out.  You have nothing to fear! 

Wrapping it up:

See you at the Market

Thank you to everyone who wrote in to ask for tickets to The Wedding Co. Market.  Please tell your engaged friends to come and see me at the show and drop your name...  
I will hook them up with some as-yet-devised wonderfulness!

New Wedding! 

I'm very excited to share this wedding with you.  My friends, Ian & Bebhinn, of Extra Butter Coffee, had SUCH a unique and beautiful celebration.  Bebhinn was 7 months preggo, and my sister was a guest.  It's always extra-fun for my family to attend, because they get to see what it is that I do, and that makes me feel so loved.  Please check out the pictures right here... You might see a familiar face!

Be a saint

I'm still taking bookings for 2019!  If you know anyone getting engaged or married this year (or wheneves) forward these tips to them, and tell them how wonderful you think I am.  You will be helping us both and your karma will be through the roof. 
Bebhinn & Ian, moments after their real first look and moments before their fake first look... Go and see!
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PS  Tip #7 is crucial. No wedding is complete without a stellar breakdance circle, or a few stolen kisses at midnight... You got this!
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