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Welcome to the first of my self-care miniseries, as introduced in the last issue.
I've decided to keep all the articles here, in my newsletter, so you can find what you're looking for all in one place (this is a link to past issues).
Today I’d like to speak about…

Soft Tissue Work.

No, not whatever pervy thing that just popped into your head… I am talking about massage. Like, registered health professional-type massage.

There are many kinds you can opt for: Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu, Tuina (combined with acupuncture, WHICH IS MAGICAL but I'll save the acupuncture newsletter for when you need that heavy-hitting shiz). 

Soooo, at this point some of you might be thinking, “This is not amazing or surprising, and no, I’m not going to waste my cash on frivolous luxuries like massage.”

I get it.  Especially for my people out there, budgeting for wedding planning and baby-making and college funds (i.e. everyone)…  But give me a chance to convince you that massage is not just a luxury. It is an investment in your physical and mental health.

And think for two damn seconds:  without your physical and mental health you wouldn’t be able to enjoy actual important luxuries like Chocolate.  So, when you think about it that way, you really need to prioritize this.  Read on...
Self-care rituals from the wedding day...
Alone Time
Sister Time
Chilling Time

The Miraculous Body-Mind

If you do the most minimal of googling, you'll discover our inherent mind-body connection.  Physical & mental health is intertwined like a chicken and an egg. (BTW I just made up that saying, like, this moment! My brilliance amazes me.)  Anyway, studies show that stress contributes to all sorts of ailments including back pain, digestive issues, damaged skin, heart problems, blood pressure and diabetes.  So to fix the body you can decrease your stress, and to fix stress you can work via the body.  Got it? 


The thing about self-care, is it's a choice to take responsibility for your own life. Your wellness impacts every single way you experience life:
  • The ease & enjoyment of your relationships
  • Your creativity
  • Your productivity
  • Your capabilities at work / your income
  • How attractive you look & feel to yourself, and everyone around you.
Basically, whatever your definition of “happiness” is, is impacted PRIMARILY by your physical and emotional wellbeing, which is ONE thing – not two separate things. 
Pet Therapy
The Beauty Team

Soft Tissue Worrrk!

When you think to yourself, “should I get a massage?” that's the same as “should I go to the dentist?”  And the answer is Yes.  And, you’ll be happy to know that getting a massage is WAY more relaxing than going to the dentist… (Unless you go to my dentist, where they do give you a foot massage while they clean your teeth.) 

A few months ago I was listening Tim Ferriss interviewing Michael Gervais, an elite coach, known as "Advisor to Olympians".  At the end of a fascinating talk, Ferriss goes through some short-answer questions, and one of them is what's a “$100 or less purchase that has significantly, positively impacted your life?” Gervais' answer was "soft tissue work" – massage.  I mean, if an "advisor to olympians" is saying it, I'll listen.

Are you willing to take responsibility for your own life, health, happiness?
No one else can do it, so you may as well say yes.  Say yes to de-stress!  Just a little bridal humour for my ladies out there!!  #sorrylikeactually
A BFF who also happens to be a kick-ass fashion photographer, to style your look and fan you when you're hot. (Now I'm just bragging that this happened twice! ;))


In the meantime, don’t forget to book your spring sessions with me now.
Email me to grab one of the popular dates, before they go.

As opposed to the major stress of getting your photo taken by anyone else, all my clients know that your comfort & joy are my top priorities.  Besides the mini-meditation, there is laughter & cuddling.  Now that's self-care! 
Click here if you are ready to be the responsible caregiver of your own soul, or if you want a kick-ass photographer to style your look.*
*I'm talking about me, and boob-cupping is not guaranteed.

PS  If you have a wonderful massage person you want to recommend, please email me their info!  I'm searching for some new practitioners to love.
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