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I'm going to make this short and sweet (and a bit weird, as usual!)...

Three awesome things you need to know.

1. Here is a link to last year's newsletter, entitled "In case I don't see you again,  I love you."

This was my most popular newsletter.  I received SO MANY responses, and my friend Martin Frith actually used this as a sermon at his community gathering.  You want to feel LOVE right now?  Then go check it out. 

2. Next week is Valentine's day.  

You guys know I'm a romantic.  SUCH a romantic, I've been known to cry from happiness.  I'm not embarrassed to say it! 

I'm specifically thinking of a time when I was lying in bed with my ex-lover and just looking at him and thought to myself "holy shitballs I love him SO much."  I was so happy -- and had been practicing my Headspace, so had the mindfulness to realize that and feel it all the way. 
Aaaaaaaand then I cried. 
As you do.
So here's what you gotta do:  

Book a Date Night Session for your lover.  

These sessions are romantic, fun, natural, and great.

"But that's super weird and I'm the most awkward in front of a camera," you might be thinking....  Don't worry, my duckies, I have GOT you.  I will be there to hold your hand (figuratively – your real-life love will be holding your real hand).  My specialty is people who self-identify as awkward.  And look how beautiful and great they turn out to be!

We can do these in your home, at your favourite place, or in my studio. 
Wont make you do any weird "romantic gestures".
You don't need to get drunk to endure a Date Night Session!
Book it and get the MOST brownie points ever.

3. Family Day is also coming up!

If you are like "there's no effing WAY I'm booking a date night...  because I don't believe Kate can get me over my awkwardness* and I'm too cool for making out in public...."  Then a family sesh will still get you major points with your beloveds!  These are documentary style and involve NO posing!  Just normal life in all its hilarity.

I will be telling you more about the awesome families I've photographed lately, but for now...  just get your booking / gift certificate, and RELAX.†  Your work here is done. 
Yay for no posing and only-as-much-romance-as-my-kids-can-handle-without-shaming-me!
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* You're wrong. 
† Chocolate is highly recommended with any/all approved relaxation methods.

PS  Mum, I'm sorry for saying "shitballs" in my newsletter – blame dad?
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