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August Newsletter

Group Member Spotlights

Each month we will continue to highlight one of the Confederation's many Group Members. Confederation Group Members benefit by having their events advertised through the Confederation's website as well as on the Confederation's social media outlets. GM's can also take advantage of the group rates for event insurance through the Confederation.

Get a group together and be next in the Spotlight.  We'll be looking for the next spotlight Group Member in September.  Please email us details on our group activities and success stories and photos to be included in future Spotlights.
August Spotlight is on
Great Lakes Working Equitation Club

by Erica Peet

This club was began in January 2017 to give the riders of the Great Lakes a place to come together to share in their dedication to the sport of Working Equitation. The club is for like minded people who want to improve their horsemanship, while supporting others and creating friendships. While the club itself is new, many of the founding members have been putting on Working Equitation events in the area since 2015. The majority of the membership is made up of Illinois and Wisconsin residents, but we welcome anyone from the surrounding states that may not have access to Working Equitation in their area. There is access to a full set of Working Equitation obstacles in Illinois at Peet Equestrian, and in Wisconsin at Beomor Farm. Opagon Farm is taking on providing cattle clinics at their location in Wisconsin to give members the chance to learn how to work cattle properly.
The goals of the Great Lakes Working Equitation Club are 1. Education, 2. Promotion of this fabulous sport, and 3. Fun. (The club itself does not sanction shows or events.) Great Lakes Working Equitation is recognized by the Confederation, and by joining the club, you become a group member of the Confederation.  
The club officers are;
President; Howard Peet -
Vice President; Sharon Kinney -
Secretary/Treasurer; Heather Lekan -
Wisconsin Representative; Kim Cocoran
Illinois Representative; Sandy Klinkey -
Please feel free to contact any one of us to discuss questions about our club and working equitation.
Upcoming events;
July 29 - Prepare for the August 5 Schooling Show, at Peet Equestrian
July 29 - Beomore Farm's Practice on the Obstacles. Call Beomor
July 29 & 30 - Cattle Work, at Opagon Farm. Call Heather Lekan
August 5 - WE Schooling Show, at Beomor Farm
September 23 & 24 - Licensed Competition, at Peet Equestrian
October 28 & 29 -  Competition, at Fox Valley
November 18 - Great Lakes Working Equitation Club End of Year Party
We are currently working on coming up with a High Point Awards program which we plan on putting into effect in 2018.
Don't want to ride, but love the sport and want to support it? The club is always in need of volunteers for a variety things at the events. (Scorers, Scribes, Obstacles Movers, Etc.) Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.
Please contact your nearest representative about events;

Beomor Farm, Wisconsin - Amada Morrick - (608) 835-1232
Opagon Farm, Wisconsin - Heather Lekan - (608) 206-0596
Peet Equestrian, Illinois - Howard Peet - (801) 599-8130

Where can you find information about the sport and our about events?

Great Lakes Working Equitation Group

Obstacle Options
by Karen Boso

This month let's talk about the Pen, also sometimes referred to as the Livestock Pen.

Please take the time to review the obstacle Appendix B in the Rules where each obstacle requirements are outlined in detail.

Straight from the rulebook here is the description on the Pen as well as the execution and assessment criteria.  


1.     Description. This obstacle consists of a round enclosure approximately 6 m (20 ft) in diameter, with an entrance 1.5-m (5-ft) wide. Inside the round enclosure is a smaller round fenced enclosure 3 m (10 ft) in diameter meant to simulate a livestock pen. The inner pen may have small animals or statuary placed inside of the enclosure. The corridor around the livestock pen should be 1.5-m (5-ft) wide.

2.     Execution. The horse should enter the obstacle at the prescribed gait according to level in one direction, exit the obstacle, change direction, and re-enter the obstacle going in the opposite direction. The course designer or Judge may indicate the initial direction or leave it to the rider’s discretion. When changing direction, the horse will execute a volte, half pirouette, or turn on the haunches. If cantering, a change of lead is required.

3.     Assessment Criteria (EOH). The Judge will evaluate the horse’s serenity and confidence, quality of gaits, and the rider’s serenity and use of aids in performing the obstacle. The turn outside the pen and change of lead if required between circuits of the pen are considered as components of the obstacle.

The pen is often one of the more creative obstacles and we'll show you examples to give you some construction ideas. The Pen obstacle can be quite elaborate or pretty simple and will fit almost any budget or training need.  We personally have 3 different pens to offer up options to our Group Members.  We'll use the most basic pen when schooling new riders and green horses. This pen option 1) allows horses and riders the option to leave at any point in the circle, it keeps the horses relaxed and allows the rider to build on their successes.  We've found it's GREAT for schooling horses at the trot and canter.

The second pen option (photo courtesy of Kemp Horsemanship, Group Member of KarMik Acres) is a very creative option and also relatively inexpensive.  The outer pen is made from plastic barrels cut in half and painted. The inner pen you can see is a tractor tire.  I believe I've seen the tractor tire used by another Confederation Group Member.  It seems as though the inner pen may be a bit small (less than 10 feet in diameter) but will certainly work for practice. We make it standard practice to switch things up to get the horses used to different objects all the time.  In the above photos we're using our roping dummies - sometimes we add flags to them or use inflatable characters to change it up.

This third option for a pen is a bit more structured. The inner pen is made from garden panels and held together with bamboo rods so that they will easily break apart if a horse gets caught up (SAFETY first). The Caveletti outer pen is nice because the rails can be set at three different heights making it easy enough for a horse to leave if they feel pressured.

Our last pen we use is constructed with a picket fence as the outer pen and the same garden panel inner pen.  To construct this we took 8' long x 4' high pre-made fence panels, sanded, stained and then sawed in half and hinged to give the pen a more round shape.  This pen is used for more schooled horses and riders as it can bring up the energy in both with the higher rails. Safety is always a primary consideration when constructing any working equitation obstacle.  As horsemen and women we understand that with horses whatever can go wrong, can go wrong so it's our responsibility to think through any possible issues with each obstacle's construction.  Since our third pen is not attached to the ground with taller outer pen panels and could pose potential issues if a horse gets caught up in it - we use it only to school our private horses. We have seen this pen construction that is secured to the ground with posts or heavier duty metal frames and would withstand being knocked into by horse/rider without falling.

We would love to share our Group Member pen ideas on Facebook to continue to give others creative ideas. Please email your pen pictures to us at

Upcoming EventsThe Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club (ERAHC) is holding a Confederation B-rated Working Equitation show on Sep 1 and 2, 2017 at the Virginia Horse Center, in Lexington, VA.
Level 1 Introductory thru Level 5 Intermediate B classes will be offered. Our Judge is Judy Warner (Confederation “r”), who will be assisted during the Ease of Handling and Speed trials by Sr. Tiago Joao da Silva Gomes, a visiting WE Judge from Portugal.
This WE show is being held in conjunction with ERAHC’s Regional Championship Andalusian/Lusitano Show, along with an IFSHA Friesian Show and a Gypsy Horse Show over a total of 5 days. There will be many beautiful horses in one location, a number of who will try their hand for the first time in WE.  We hope you will join us.
The Prize List can be found at Contact Maria Blackstone, ERAHC WE Show Manager, for further details.
Limited space available for participants (Judge and TD candidates). 
Register Here

Show Season is in full swing.  Check out all the things that are going on for Confederation riders. Make sure to have your horse(s) recorded to be included in year end awards. Horse recording is required on all horses participating in any Confederation Licensed show. It's a one-time fee of only $20.

If your events are not currently on the list please make sure to let us know.

Please check out our website calendar  to view details about the amazing events associated with the Confederation throughout the USA!

High Country WE Show
Fri. Aug 4, 2017 & Sat. Aug 5, 2017
High Country Working Equitation Show at Circle Star Arena, Platteville, CO
Great Lakes Working Equitation Club Schooling Show
August 5th
Beomor Farm, Fitchberg, WI

Texas Rose Breed Show (Licensed)
August 27, 2017,  Tyler, TX
WE Kansas Buckle Series #3 (Licensed Show)
August 27, 2017, Topeka, KS
Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club (ERAHC) Working Equitation Show (B-Rated)
Sep 1, 2017 to Sep 2, 2017
Nebraska State Fair Working Equitation Show (B-Rated)
September 1, 2017,

Working Equitation Kansas Buckle Series #4 (License pending)
September 17, 2017, Topeka, KS
Andalusian World Cup West (A-Rated) - Plus Confederation Judging Seminar
Thu, Sep 21, 2017 to  Sun, Sep 24, 2017
South Point Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

High Country Working Equitation SCHOOLING show
Oct 14, 2017 to Oct 15, 2017
Circle Star Arena, 16191 County Road, 17 Platteville, CO 80651 Contact HCWE for more information.
KarMik Acres Shows (B-Rated)
Oct. 21 & Oct. 22, 2017, Woodstock, IL

Americas Cup & Haras Cup (Licensed Show -pending)
Oct. 24, 2017 to Oct. 29, 2017, Haras Hacienda, Magnolia, TX

WHBA Show (B-Rated)
November 11-12, 2017, Contact
Texas Rose Autumn Show (B-Rated)
December 3, 2017, Tyler TX

Cuadra San Benito Show
December 3, 2017, Contact Ashley Bowers

Heart of Texas (B-Rated)
Dec. 3 to Dec. 4, Chappell Hill, TX 

All dates and times are tentative, please check with show organizers
(organizer details found on our calendar). Please let us know if your group's event is not currently on our calendar.
All Licensed shows must have a confederation judge or obtain a guest pass for foreign judges prior to licensing.
We request that show applications are made 45 days prior to the show date.
For more information on shows and clinics, please go to our website.
An exciting benefit of Individual Memberships and Horse Recording is that you are now eligible for Year End Awards.  Find the most up-to-date rankings Here. Join as an Individual Member Here.
The Confederation needs and wants your help!
We have a fantastic volunteer program, which is making our rapid development possible. Please consider volunteering.
At the Confederation, we are here to help.  Please feel free to contact us via our leadership contacts on our website, at or give our Executive Director, Tarrin Warren a call at: (512) 269-9270.  We are always happy to hear from our members!
Continued THANK YOU for the hard work of our current volunteers, Cavalo Photography, Ernesto Photography, Carmen Franco and others for allowing the Confederation the use of their outstanding Working Equitation photos.

If you have some outstanding Working Equitation photos and would allow us to use them in future Marketing materials and social media, please forward them to
The Confederation for Working Equitation is a unified governing body for the development and further promotion of working equitation in the United States The “Confederation,” a Federal 501c3 nonprofit corporation, is the culmination of the merger process announced in early-2016 by the two founding U.S. working equitation organizations. The strengths of each organization, which include event organization, judging accreditation, individual memberships (WEIAUSA), group memberships (USFWE), horse recordings, high point and medals programs, youth programs, show sponsorship, among others, were considered in creating an alliance that will serve to better facilitate the needs of current and future members.
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