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November Newsletter
You must maintain an active Individual membership to be eligible for Year End, Lifetime achievement awards and Medals.  If you are a Confederation licensed judge or technical delegate you must also maintain your active individual membership.
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Group Member Spotlights

Each month we will continue to highlight one of the Confederation's many Group Members. Confederation Group Members benefit by having their events advertised through the Confederation's website as well as on the Confederation's social media outlets. GM's can also take advantage of the group rates for event insurance through the Confederation.

Get a group together and be next in the Spotlight.  We'll be looking for the next spotlight Group Member in December.  Please email us details on our group activities and success stories and photos to be included in future Spotlights.
November's Spotlight is on
Working Equitation Oklahoma
by Alicia Little

The Working Equitation Oklahoma group was formed in Spring of 2015, and held 2 events that first year.  The first one brought only 4 riders, (including me and my husband!). Thanks to the support and guidance of Ms. Tarrin Warren, we carried on with the clinic!  All participants rode for a solid 8 hours, and got a once-in-a-lifetime introduction to the sport! 

Photo 1: April 2015 - 1st WE-OK clinic w/Tarrin Warren

For 2016, we held 3 events, with our first B-rated show in November 2016.  I am so proud of the folks who came out to play for their first ever Working Equitation show!  Better yet, all riders were amazing volunteers, and helped our first show run very smoothly!  We even had our 1st Lead Line participant.  

Photo 2: November 2016 - 1st B-Rated Show w/Tarrin Warren (Picture Credit: Lisa Harding)

This last year, we held a series of clinics with another B-rated show at the end of it.  Unfortunately, we had some ridiculous, Oklahoma weather come in the night and morning of the show.  Never the less, we carried on, and had several brave souls come out to ride. 

Photo 3: April 2017 - B-rated Show w/Tarrin Warren

We are ending the 2017 year with lessons with Carlos Carniero and Lisa Harding, both of which clinics sold out within 48 hours.  Our group boasts a broad range of riders, from different backgrounds and learning experiences. They all bring something different to the table, and it has been awe-inspiring to see them come together in this sport.
For 2018, WE-OK plans to host a mini-series of clinics and shows, with high points awarded at the end of the year for Oklahoma group members.  We now also have several groups in Oklahoma that are offering introductory clinics and schooling shows, as well.  The continued, steady growth over the last 3 years is exciting and this upcoming year promised to be another fun one!

2017 Competition Season Closes and
WE move forward into 2018
The 2017 Competition season ended with a bang at Haras Cup in Magnolia, TX. With a total of 52 competitors and over $50,000 in cash and prizes it was surely the most prestigious Working Equitation event in the United States.

Whether you were able to make it to Haras in person or watch some of the live streaming (thanks to Andalusian World), you were likely to be inspired by the level of riders and top horsemanship.  As we move this sport forward, it's important to continue to grow the sport of Working Equitation on a positive and united front.


For those of you not on Facebook, we want to keep everyone apprised of the Working Equitation environment as it moves forward.  Recently the Confederation for Working Equitation again approached We United to join the Confederation as a united front to promote the sport under one umbrella. This would allow the continuation of one rule book while offering members one organizational structure for judges, technical delegates and show licensing, as well as one membership body with collective points and year end awards.  The split organizations currently cause a lot of confusion for those new to the sport.   In order for the United States Working Equitation community to move forward in securing the WAWE protocol and the ability to have a competing international team, one of the requirements is to have one unified body.

To date, WE United has made the decision not to unify as part of the Confederation unlike the original founding groups (WEIUSA and USFWE).  

So that there is no misunderstanding as to the partnership agreement the Confederation offered We United, we have included the letter below. It is also important as Confederation members to also familiarize yourself with our operating bylaws which can be found here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would also like to hear your feedback regarding the unification.  If you are also a member of We United, please also let them know your thoughts on unifying. 

Meet your Regional Directors

Going forward our newly elected Regional Directors will be your voice in the Confederation.  Reach out to the Director in your region to let them know of events you are hosting, questions you may have or suggestions you would like to see implemented.  Each region now has its own Facebook page to keep you up to date on local happenings.  Please like your region or all the regions. The more the merrier.

If you live in Region 6 or 7 we're still looking for volunteers to fill those positions.  Contact if you are interested and have the time to give.

Region One (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana):
Shelby Ahrens
Facebook Page

Region Two (California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, U.S. territories):
Ashley Bowers
Facebook Page

Region Three (Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado): 
Kate Fowler
Facebook Page

Region Four (New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana):
Sarah Porte
Facebook Page

Region Five  (Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky):
Karen Boso, Woodstock, IL (KarMik Acres group member)
Facebook Page

Region Six (New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode
Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and District of Columbia: 

Contact: Open
Facebook Page

Region Seven (Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, U.S. territories in the Atlantic):
Contact: Open
Facebook Page

Region Eight (All locations outside the United States of America):
Jill Barron
Facebook Page

Obstacle Options
by Karen Boso
We'll keep it short this month as there is a lot going on.  I just wanted to share with you a great thing we found for our obstacle course. 

As you all know, Red cone on the right, White cone on the left.  In our search to complete our obstacle courses we found that Red cones are pretty easy to come by in all sizes  but if you've spent any time looking for the White cones, you'll quickly see that the only thing around are rather large and expensive white cones.

Since we like to think outside the box and don't like spending money we don't need to spend we wondered how/where we could  find inexpensive smaller white cones.  Our first attempt was to use Rust-Oleum plastic paint and paint the red cones white. HUGE failure!  They looked great until a horse knocked them over and all the paint chipped off.

Back to the internet in search of white cones... what we found and work fabulously are.... ready... small plastic MEGAPHONES! We ended up paying about $1.00 a piece for them in WHITE and RED (because of course you want them to match).  You can find them at various places from Amazon to Minnesota Party Stores.  They are 8" tall so visible to the rider but not obnoxious in size.

As always, we love to see your obstacles or ideas for construction.  Please email us at if you'd like to share.

Calling all Volunteers!

We have made great progress in unifying and growing the sport of Working Equitation through the efforts of a few dedicated volunteers. We are in need of additional help to continue to move things forward. We can use help in many areas.  If you have some time to spare, please fill out the volunteer application and we'll match your skills up with the appropriate committee.

We are specifically looking for individuals to help out with Membership, Marketing, Sponsorships but can use help in many other areas as well.
Upcoming Events

The 2018 show/clinic schedule is gearing up for a big year. Get your events on the calendar now.  Make sure to have your horse(s) recorded to be included in year end awards. Horse recording is required on all horses participating in any Confederation Licensed show. It's a one-time fee of only $20.

If your events are not currently on the list please make sure to let us know.

Please check out our website calendar  to view details about the amazing events associated with the Confederation throughout the USA!

Heart of Texas Working Equitation (Licensed B Rated Show)

Sun, Dec 3, 2017 to Dec 4, 2017 
Chappell Hill, TX 

B Rated show hosted by Arizona Working Equitation Club (AZWEC) 

Manager: Jamie Drizin

Hosted by Ashley Bowers - Arizona Working Equitation Club (AZWEC) at Cuadra San Benito, Peoria (AZ)

Manager: Ashley Bowers

Hosted by J6 Equestrian Center - Arizona Working Equitation Club (AZWEC)

Manager: Katherine Calkins

Carousel Charity Horse Show WE Show (Licensed A Rated Show)

Friday, March 16, 2018
8:00am  6:00pm

Hosted by Arizona Working Equitation Club (AZWEC)

Manager: Amy Star


All dates and times are tentative, please check with show organizers
(organizer details found on our calendar). Please let us know if your group's event is not currently on our calendar.
All Licensed shows must have a confederation judge or obtain a guest pass for foreign judges prior to licensing.
We request that show applications are made 45 days prior to the show date.  For more information on shows and clinics, please go to our website.
Medal Awards - Apply Now
As the 2017 competition season comes to a close, there are several members that have earned enough points to be awarded their medals. Remember you must be an individual member to be eligable.
Showoff Ribbon Racks was kind enough to make a custom Working Equitation ribbon rack.  They have the wall hanging version and a stall front version.  Both retail for $60 and make excellent gifts or year end awards.  They are for sale directly on their website at:
At the Confederation, we are here to help.  Please feel free to contact us via our leadership contacts on our website, at or give our Executive Director, Tarrin Warren a call at: (512) 269-9270.  We are always happy to hear from our members!
Continued THANK YOU for the hard work of our current volunteers, Cavalo Photography, Ernesto Photography, Carmen Franco and others for allowing the Confederation the use of their outstanding Working Equitation photos.

If you have some outstanding Working Equitation photos and would allow us to use them in future Marketing materials and social media, please forward them to
The Confederation for Working Equitation is a unified governing body for the development and further promotion of working equitation in the United States The “Confederation,” a Federal 501c3 nonprofit corporation, is the culmination of the merger process announced in early-2016 by the two founding U.S. working equitation organizations. The strengths of each organization, which include event organization, judging accreditation, individual memberships (WEIAUSA), group memberships (USFWE), horse recordings, high point and medals programs, youth programs, show sponsorship, among others, were considered in creating an alliance that will serve to better facilitate the needs of current and future members.
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