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August 2019  Newsletter. Issue 143

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2019 National Tree Day

On Sunday, we celebrated National Tree Day at the Peel Metropolitan Horse & Pony Club In Oldbury.

It was a wonderful community day out, with plenty of people getting involved from so many different community associations and businesses. We managed to plant all 2000 seedlings in just a few short hours!

This year’s National Tree Day event has been proudly supported by the Byford & Districts Community Bank BranchPeel-Harvey Catchment Council through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare ProgramMaddington Toyota and the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale


Upcoming Events

Serpentine Environment Group
Federation Park - Old Bridge School

Join Landcare SJ and the Serpentine Environment Group on a Tuesday morning at Federation Park, Serpentine and do your part for local conservation!
8:00am to 9:00am 
  • Tuesday, 6th of August 
  • Tuesday, 22nd of August 

FREE Verge Plants!

Round 1 has closed

Thank you to everyone who took the opportunity to be involved in creating wildlife corridors throughout your suburb. Everyone who applied before the 31st of July will receive their voucher in the coming days. 

Please remember that your voucher must be redeemed by the 31st of August, from the
Australian Native Nursery. 

Watch this space for a possible round 2 in the coming weeks. 

Landcare SJ News 

School's National Tree Day
Federation Park, Serpentine 

On Friday the 26 of July, Landcare SJ held School's National Tree day at Federation Park in Serpentine. We were joined by Eton Farm Education, Byford Childcare Centre, Byford Envirolink,  Serpentine Environment Group and the Serpentine Historical Society. Together, we planted 1,200 native seedings. This number builds on the thousands of seedlings that have already been planted at this site over the past several years. 

Myara Brook - Keysbrook

For more than a decade, Landcare SJ and the Keysbrook Environment Group have been rehabilitating Myara Brook. This has been done through hours of weed management, either hand pulling of Cotton Bush or the spraying of Watsonia, seed collection and the planting of native tube stock. 

This year, a total of 1,500 seedlings were added to the Myara Brook Reserve. The Keysbeook Community Group also lent a hand, by planting on the Southern side of the Brook, to enrich their Pathway to Nature.

Thank you to the two community groups that were so eager to help on the day. 

(Picture left to right: Neil Kentish, Reece Jerrett, Paul Hadley, Alan Elliott)

Korribinjal Brook

Korribinjal Brook has been a long term project for Landcare SJ. However, we haven't been able to do any revegetation along the Brook since 2013. So we were very excited to be back there this year with 200 seedlings. Thank you to Ms Jayne Lavender and the Gale family for helping out!

(Jayne Lavender, Lisa Gale, Macey Gale, Lilly Gale, Riley Gale, Kristy Gregory and Reece Jerrett. Photograph — Richard Polden)

Information Session Reviews  

Annual Ryegrass Toxicity 

Keysbrook     10th of July  

The annual ryegrass toxicity session was also on 10 July in the morning at the Keysbrook Hall:
-Dr Kevin Hepworth, Field Vet from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development gave a presentation about annual ryegrass toxicity to an audience of 20 beef farmers from around Serpentine Jarrahdale. 

Topics covered on the day included signs and symptoms to look out for in livestock, controlling ARGT in a pasture and the testing of hay crops for ARGT. 

For more information on ARGT please click here

Bringing Nature Back to Your Neighbourhood 


Byford     10th of July  

Twenty community members attended the ‘Bringing Nature Back to Your Neighbourhood’ workshop at Bill Hicks Pavillion in Byford on Wednesday evening, July 10.

The workshop purpose was to highlight how residents of the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale can access two free plant programs in the Shire – Free Verge Plants program – where residents can apply up to four years to obtain a voucher to select native seedlings for planting on the front verge; and the Street tree program, where residents can apply to have an advanced street tree planted on their verge. The focus of the presentations was the benefits of increasing plant canopy cover, and how nature can be brought back to a neighbourhood through planting trees and shrubs.

Dr. Penny Hollick from the Shire spoke about easy care native gardens and the social, environmental and economic lifestyle benefits of urban forestry including increasing the value of your home by around $17,000 by having a street tree on the verge. Tips on easy-care native gardening included plant selection and placement. Rebecca Boyland, from Birdlife WA, provided useful information on how to attract native birds to your garden, including some garden design tips. Faye Arcaro, Curtin FM celebrity gardener, challenged perceptions of attendees on aphids, wasps and other garden insects, illustrating their importance in the overall scheme of a healthy and biodiverse garden.

Landcare SJ regularly holds community workshops and information sessions to support residents understanding of environmental matters and to address local environmental concerns. These events build the community capacity to care for their environment, in the broader landscape and closer to home in their community and neighbourhood.

This event was funded through the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.

(Picture left to right: Faye Arcaro, Dr Penny Hollick, Rebecca Boyland)

Guess What I Am?


For your chance to win an Australian Native Nursery gift voucher valued at $20 

Do you know what species I am?

Be the first person to Email my scientific and common name to Reece Jerrett at Landcare SJ and you'll receive an Australian Native Nursery gift voucher valued at $20!


(Individuals can only win the monthly competition every 3 months)

Your Local Environment 

Weedy Weather

This weather is fantastic for planting native seedlings in. Unfortunately, our native flora species aren't the only ones that love it... Zantedeschia aethiopica (L.) Spreng, also known as Arum Lily was originally brought to WA from the south of the African Continent as an ornamental garden plant. However, like many invasive species, it escaped. The species has now naturalised and can often be found throughout freshwater wetland areas such as around swamps, rivers and lakes. 
Arum lily is poisonous to most stock, pets and humans. Symptoms can include swelling of the tongue and throat, stomach pain, vomiting and severe diarrhoea. Ingestion of the plant may be fatal.

 Physical Control: Hand removal of the plant is only effective if the tuberous rhizome and daughter rhizomes are removed. The resulting soil disturbance may encourage germination and establishment of other weeds. Removal of flowers will prevent birds from spreading seeds.

Chemical control: Correct application of the appropriate herbicide is very effective at killing arum lily and is expected to result in a 90% kill rate. However, the small rhizomes attached to the main arum lily tuber are not always killed by the herbicide application that kills the parent plant. Follow up spraying is therefore essential. Plants growing from the surviving daughter rhizomes are not usually visible until two years after the initial spraying.

The likelihood of a reinfestation from surrounding areas also necessitates an on-going program of control.

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It takes over 100 years for a natural hollow to form that our endangered Black Cockatoos will breed in, but only a few minutes to donate towards the construction of Landcare SJ's 'Cockatubes'. 

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