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September 2020 Newsletter. Issue 151

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This year's planting season is coming to an end. Landcare SJ and our hard-working volunteers have planted all over the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, from Granfell Way in Byford to Elliott Road in Keysbrook. All up close to 100,000 seedlings have been planted. Throughout this planting season, we have also been working closely with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale by coordinating the Free Verge Plant Program. Through this program, we have allocated close to 7,000 free native tube-stock to the residents of SJ. 

Our last planting day of 2020 will be the R U OK? Day on the 10th of September. Everyone is welcome!  

Upcoming Events

 R U OK? Day

Thursday 10th of September 

The Court House, Pinjarra
Landcare Drop-in Sessions

5th and 26th October 
Landcare SJ will be coordinating Landcare Drop-in Sessions from 10:00am to 2:30pm Monday the 5th and 26th of October as well as the 30th of November at The Court House, Pinjarra.

This initiative is brought to you through the partnership of Landcare SJ and the Shire of Murray.

2020 Spring Quenda Count

1st of September to 30th of November
Calling all quenda observers!

Have you seen a quenda in your garden? The Spring Quenda Count is back and we need your help to understand how Quendas are doing in the Southwest of WA. To find out more  about this program, please click here and register by emailing 
For more information about Quendas, please click here

Landcare SJ News 

First Murray Drop-in Session

On Monday, August 31st the Shire of Murray and Landcare SJ held its first Landcare Drop-in Session at the Court House in Pinjarra. Sessions are designed to assist residents with information related to all things landcare. Aspects of the advice service include: weed management, bushland rehabilitation and restoration, equine management planning, property planning, preventing and managing native tree decline, revegetation, healthy waterway management and pasture management to name a few.

Weed identification has been made easier for landholders as well, by having live examples of pasture weed species which are commonly found throughout the Murray Region. 

Future sessions are scheduled at The Court House, Pinjarra on October 5 and 26 and November 30 from 10.00am until 2.30pm. If you are seeking information on any landcare related topics please feel free to drop-in for a chat with any of your equine management and land care enquiries.

2020 Free Verge Plant Program

Over the past few months, Landcare SJ in partnership with the
Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale has coordinated the 2020 Free Verge Plant Program. The Free Verge Plant Program adds to the Shire of SJ’s Urban and Rural Forest Strategy – which aims at improving tree canopy and vegetation coverage within the shire. An increase to vegetation in both rural and urban areas will have a number of benefits, such as an increase in biodiversity, sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, combatting heat sinks – providing cooler liveable residential areas as well as increasing property values.
This year’s Free Verge Plant Program has seen 7455 seedlings allocated across 17 kilometres of verge throughout the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale. That’s a seedling every 2.3meters from the town centre of Mundijong to the city centre of Armadale!

Two Decades of Work 


On the 21st of August, the Landcare SJ team was joined by the Keysbrook Community Group and Byford Envirolink to plant 500 native seedlings at Keysbrook Park and the ‘Old School’. This year’s planting has added another layer of biodiversity to the sites. Building off of several planting events at the sites since the year 2000. Throughout the last 20 years, these sites have been completely transformed from thickets of watsonia to areas of healthy native vegetation. This is due to countless amounts of community volunteer hours through manual weed removal, spraying and revegetating.

Coffey Road Reserve 

Five Year Journey 
It's always such a great feeling comparing before and after photos of a planting site. The photos below are the Coffey Road Reserve in Serpentine, where Landcare SJ and local residents turned a windswept paddock into an inviting reserve with native tree belts. The tree belts don't just act as windbreaks, but also provide foraging and breeding habitat to native fauna.
The first photo is from 2015 and the second is from 2020.
This year, Landcare SJ and 80 community members planted another 2000 native seedlings in the reserve as part of National Tree Day, which was supported by Bendigo Byford & Districts Community Bank Branch.

Guess What I Am?


For your chance to win an Australian Native Nursery gift voucher valued at $20 

Do you know what native species I am?

Be the first person to Email my scientific and common name to Reece Jerrett at Landcare SJ and you'll receive an Australian Native Nursery gift voucher valued at $20!


(Individuals can only win the monthly competition every 3 months)

Congratulations to Jenny from Herron on winning last month's competition. The correct guess was Patersonia occidentalis.

Enjoy your new plants!

(Last month's picture to the left)

Your Local Environment 

Cursed with Paterson's Curse?


The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group are looking for nursery sites to boost the numbers of Paterson's curse biocontrol agents.

If you have an area impacted by Paterson's curse with over 50% density over an area of five acres - the PHBG want to hear from you.

Once the biocontrol agents have grown in number they can be spread to control small patches of Paterson's curse across our operational area.
Please call the PHBG on 0474 242 223 or share this message to anyone who may be interested.

Nyoongar Calendar
- Djilba -

Season of Conception

'Djilba season is a time to look for the yellow and cream flowers starting on mass.

Djilba is a transitional time of the year, with some very cold and clear days combining with warmer, rainy and windy days mixing with the occasional sunny day or two.

This is the start of the massive flowering explosion that happens in the South West. This starts with the yellow flowering plants such as the Acacias. Also, colours that are around at this time of year are creams, combined with some vivid and striking blues.

Traditionally, the main food sources included many of the land-based grazing animals as in the season before. These included the Yongar (kangaroo), the Waitj (emu) and the Koomal (possum).

As the days start to warm up, we start to see and hear the first of the newborns with their proud parent out and about providing them food, guiding them through foraging tasks and protecting their family units from much bigger animals, including people.

The woodland birds will still be nest bound, hence the swooping protective behaviour of the Koolbardi (Magpie) starts to ramp up and if watched closely, so to do the Djidi Djidi (Willy Wag Tails) and the Chuck-a-luck (Wattle Birds) to name a couple of others.

As the season progresses and the temperatures continue to rise, we'll start to see the flower stalks of the Balgas (Grass Trees) emerging in preparation for the coming Kambarang season.'

- Bureau of Meteorology 

Species below: Acacia extensa 

Spring Time is Weeding Time

You might be enjoying the warmer temperatures and longer days, but so are copious amounts of weed species. Now is the perfect time to locate where you have weed populations on your property as many weed species are in full flower. Some species to keep a close eye out for this spring are:
- Cape Tulip 
- Cotton Bush
- Paterson's Curse
- Arum Lily 

For more information regarding weed species and control methods, please click here to read the 'Weed it Out!' pamphlet, funded by Lotterywest.

Picture below: Cape Tulip

Weed ID and Advice Workshop

On the 3rd of September, Landcare SJ staff attended the Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group's 'Weed Id and Advice Workshop' at the Serpentine Jarrahdale Community Resource Centre. The event was presented by Greg Keighery and Andrew Mitchell and was well attended by both community members and people working in the conservation sector.
Everyone who attended the event was encouraged to bring samples of weeds for identification and to broaden the day's discussion on species found in the Southwest.  All attendees went home with a complimentary third edition of 'Southern Weeds' booklet, which covers a diverse range of weed species that are found in Southwest of WA.

Young Re-inventor of the Year 

Future of Food 

The 2020 Young Re-inventor of the Year theme is Future Food!  The food we eat has many environmental impacts, from the greenhouse gas emissions associated with farming and shipping, to plastic packaging and wasting uneaten food. How we grow, eat and dispose of food waste will need to be very different in the future if we are going to look after our environment and conserve this precious resource.

COVID-19 challenges us to rethink our relationship with food, when we self-isolate we can’t run down the supermarket and there is less food on the shelves. How can we stretch our precious food further? What new skills can we learn which allow us to grow, cook and recycle food in a sustainable (and delicious) way? How can we use our new skills to look after our planet once things go back to normal? Exploring these questions is what this year’s Young Re-inventor of the Year is all about.

To learn more about this program, please click here!

Help The Cause


  and help save these charismatic birds.

It takes over 100 years for a natural hollow to form that our endangered Black Cockatoos will breed in, but only a few minutes to donate towards the construction of Landcare SJ's 'Cockatubes'. 

Any contribution is greatly appreciated! 

Please Donate Today

(Photo by Rick Dawson)
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