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February 2022, Newsletter. Issue 165
We acknowledge the Noongar Nation as Traditional Custodians of this land and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to the Gnaala Karla cultures; and to Elders past, present and emerging.

Landcare SJ News 

Endangered - Event Series 

Murray and Serpentine Jarrahadale 

Landcare SJ are pleased to be presenting two new Great Cocky Count information events on behalf of BirdLife WA. Landcare SJ has been a continued supporter of BirdLife WA's Black Cockatoo recovery ambitions.

This year's  lineup of presenters at the events includes a range of conservation professionals from across the industry; including Merryn Pryor, Emma Rayner, Corrine Duncan, Leticia Povh and Simon Cherriman. Attendees will be able to hear first-hand information direct from researchers about Mainland Quokkas, Banksia Woodlands, Wedgetail Eagles, creating wildlife corridors and of course, the Great Cocky Count and Black Cockatoos. 

Murray Event: 
Sunday the 13th of February
Coolup Hall

Serpentine Jarrahdale Event:
Sunday the 20th of February
Bruno Gianatti Hall

Introducing Johanne Garvey!

I am an environmental practitioner and bring with me a strong background in natural resource management, both in the private and public sectors. My focus is focused on community and stakeholder engagement, skills sharing and contributing to improved environmental outcomes.

Prior to a career shift in 2007, I co-managed a successful manufacturing business for over 15 years, whereupon in 2008 I commenced a degree in Environmental Science and Conservation and Wildlife Biology at Murdoch University. To further build my skillset in practice management techniques and knowledge, I sought to volunteer at Landcare SJ, soon afterwards gaining a position as NRM support officer and working within the natural areas of Serpentine and north Murray, helping the community deliver on key on-ground conservation projects over the next four years.

In 2012, I spread my wings and took flight to broaden my skills and knowledge of catchment management, working directly with other regional environmental groups, aboriginal communities, local government agencies and environmental consultants to deliver on projects focusing on biodiversity and waterways conservation actions.

I have a passion and strong understanding of landscape-scale natural area management, including the ability to identify and implement best practice environmental management solutions for environmental issues.

I am very excited to be back at Landcare SJ and look forward to working with the SJ team. As a local resident of Keysbrook, I am thrilled to be working and supporting our valued stakeholders and local community.

Photo: Johanne Garvey


The Great Cocky Count 

The Great Cocky Count is an annual census designed to provide accurate data about the number and distribution of black cockatoos. It is the largest single survey of black cockatoos in Western Australia. Great Cocky Count registrations are now open! 

To register for the 2022 Great Cocky Count, please click here.

Please be aware registrations close 3 weeks prior to the Great Cocky Count (Sunday 13 March).

Photo: Carnabys Black Cockatoo (Birdlife WA)

Your Local Environment 

Water for Wildlife

Summer is here and with it, the quintessential Australian heat. During this time of year, reliable water sources are drying up and becoming scarcer for wildlife to find. This seasonal issue has been emphasised through urban sprawl and development of natural areas. However, individuals can help by installing cost-effective watering points on their property.


Here are some things to think of if you’re installing a water point:

  • Safe and fit-for-purpose water dispenser
  • Have a variety of different water sources in different locations to make them accessible for a range of species
  • Easy to access, clean and refill with fresh water
  • Safely mounted and easily relocated
  • Cost-effective and simple to make with no sharp edges or entanglement points
  • Able to have the water changed daily to prevent the spread of disease, or have a secure gravity-fed reservoir that is not able to be contaminated or fouled with debris or faeces
  • Constructed with either a small watering access point or, for those with a larger surface area of accessible water, have a ramp or other device provided for an animal to scramble out if they fall in
  • Non-porous containers are more hygienic and easier to clean.


For more tips and ideas, please click here

Species: Calyptorhynchus banksii naso (Forest Redtail Black Cockatoo) - Credit: Rick Dawson 

Operation Cygnet Rescue

Forrestdale Lake 

Members of the community and different organisations from across Perth and surrounding regions gathered on the banks of Forrestdale Lake in the City of Armadale to begin the largest rescue operation of it kinda in the area, nearly 200 volunteers waded through the lake, forming a human chain around 172 cygnets before shepherding them into pens.

The cygnets were then moved to new homes at Lake Joondalup, in Perth's northern suburbs, and Lake Mealup, south of Mandurah.

Due to continued rising temperatures which caused the water level of the lake to drop dramatically, the cygnets would have been vulnerable to predation from cats foxes as well as dehydration. This rescue was necessary for their survival. 

Photo: Volunteers rescuing Cygnets (ABC Perth)

Dryandra Woodland

WA’s Newest National Park

In early January, Reece Whitby MLA and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and attractions met in the Dryandra Woodland to unveil WA’s newest National Park. This announcement is the first of its kind for WA, being that the Dryandra Woodland is now the first National Park in WA's Wheatbelt. This National Park will aid in the protection of 24 mammal, 98 bird and 41 reptile species are all known to call Dryandra home, including WA’s animal emblem, the numbat.

Photo: Dryandra Woodland (Reece Jerrett)

Nyoongar Calendar

Bunuru - Season of Adolescence

Bunuru is the hottest time of the year with little to no rain. Hot easterly winds continue with a cooling sea breeze most afternoons if you're close to the coast. Therefore, traditionally this was and still is, a great time for living and fishing by the coast, rivers and estuaries. Because of this, freshwater foods and seafood made up major parts of the diet during this time of year.

Bunuru is also a time of the white flowers with lots of white flowering gums in full bloom, including Jarrah, Marri and Ghost Gums.

Another striking flower that is hard to go past is the female Zamia (Macrozamia riedlei). Being much larger than that of its male counterpart, the huge cones emerge from the centre of the plant with masses of a cotton wool like substance.

As the hot, dry weather continues the seed upon the cones change from green to bright red, indicating they're ripening and becoming more attractive to animals, particularly the emu, that will eat the toxic fleshy outer.


- South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council

Photo: Peel Harvey Estuary (Peel- Harvey Catchment Council)

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