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October 2020 Newsletter. Issue 152

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R U OK? Day
Planting Event 

People are at the heart of all community matters and they are critical to our success. Respecting people, improving the quality of living, appreciating and supporting cultural differences and being good stewards of the land, air, water, flora and fauna – they are the values of Landcare SJ.

Landcare is about caring for people as much as it is for Country.

That’s why the Board determined we will hold an annual R U OK? tree planting day in the stunning Gooralong Valley, Jarrahdale. Our recent event in September allowed us to get in touch with the earth, to connect with people, and to ask each other - R U OK?

The weather was perfect, the creek flowed with its gurgle and splash, the birds sang, the frogs croaked, the kids played and adults laughed and talked and connected. After planting over 2000 seedlings and protecting them in our new coir tree guards (a move away from plastics), we drank tea, coffee and juice, ate homemade scones and mulberry jam, savoury slices, biscuits and cake. The conversation continued. Participants left with a smile and a sunflower plant seedling to take home.

The event is a community collaboration. This year we had bi-partisan political support from our local members of Parliament, the Shire staff came on board, and we had local businesses join us, and community from all around – all to support the mental health awareness message.


With much appreciation to our sponsors Rotary Club of Byford & DistrictsThomas Contracting ServicesThomas Tree Services and Plantrite -Wholesale Native Nursery, and our delivery partners the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, Jarrahdale Heritage Society, Jarrahdale Community CollectiveThe National Trust of Western Australia and R U OK Day.


Remember, it's OK not to be OK. Keep the conversation going. Focus on your good qualities.

If you need help, please contact:

Upcoming Events

Notice of Annual General Meeting 

Wednesday the 11th of November 
Light supper provided at 6:30pm

AGM at 7:30pm 

Serpentine Jarrahdale Community Resource Centre,
2 Paterson Street, Mundijong. 

Please RSVP by Wednesday the 4th of November for catering purposes.

Phone: (08) 9526 0012

All members and friends welcome. 

The Court House, Pinjarra
Landcare Drop-in Sessions

5th and 26th October 
Landcare SJ will be coordinating Landcare Drop-in Sessions from 10:00am to 2:30pm Monday the 5th and 26th of October and the 30th of November at The Court House, Pinjarra.

2020 Spring Quenda Count

1st of September to 30th of November
Calling all quenda observers!

Have you seen a quenda in your garden? The Spring Quenda Count is back and we need your help to understand how Quendas are doing in the Southwest of WA. To find out more  about this program, please click here and register by emailing 
For more information about Quendas, please click here

Landcare SJ News 

Mundijong Road 

Whilst the 2020 planting season has come to an end, it doesn't mean we're finished with our planting sites until next season. 

Sue and Reece have been busy in the second half of September returning to past planting sites along Mundijong Road to see how the sites are planting, weed control and pest management. Mundijong Road is one of three Flora Roads in Serpentine Jarrahdale. Hosting a wide range of both native flora and fauna. So it was rewarding to see Quenda diggings, Brush Tail Possum scuffings on hollow-bearing trees, a flurry of bird activity, Gould's Monitors, Tiger Snakes, as well as many native flora species regenerating from the seed bank such as the Foxtail Mulga Grass (Neurachne alopecuroidea). 

Korribingal Brook

It was a fantastic opportunity to return to one of our early National Tree Day sites in Jarradale -  Korribingal Brook. Many of the seedlings have now matured into habitat providing trees and shrubs. Further stabilising the banks of the Brook. 

Whilst visiting the brook we carried out manual weed removal of small groups of Cotton Bush. We believe that we caught these populations just in time. Before the numbers grew into a population too large to control via manual hand removal. 

Below is one of the plants we pulled out on the day. It seems to be one of the largest ones that we have removed. Towering over Reece, who is 6ft tall.

Possum Boxes 


Landcare SJ 'possum boxes' are now listed and available on our website to purchase. 

Whilst these nesting boxes are called 'possum boxes', they are suitable for a wide range medium-sized birds such as, but not limited to Pink & Grey Galahs, Australian Wood Ducks, Nankeen Kestrels, Western Rosellas, Australian Ringneck Parrots, Tawny Frogmouths and Southern Boobook Owls.

Dimensions: 280mm (W) x 290mm (L) x 450mm (H)
Price:  $70

For more information regarding possum boxes or other habitat augmentations, please click here or call the Landcare SJ office via (08) 9526 0012. 

Guess What I Am?


For your chance to win an Australian Native Nursery gift voucher valued at $20 

Do you know what native species I am?

Be the first person to Email my scientific and common name to Reece Jerrett at Landcare SJ and you'll receive an Australian Native Nursery gift voucher valued at $20!


(Individuals can only win the monthly competition every 3 months)

Your Local Environment 

Friend or Foe 

With spring in full swing, all of the flowers are blooming. The flowers below can currently be found throughout the shire of SJ. However, not all of them are West Australian Wildflowers. One or more of the flowers below are imposters! Which one/s do you think are the declared pest species in WA? 

The species names and status will be revealed in the November Newsletter, stay tuned! 

Nyoongar Calendar
Kambarang -

Season of Birth

During the Kambarang season, we see an abundance of colours and flowers exploding all around us. The yellows of many of the Acacias continue to abound, along with some of the Banksias and many other smaller delicate flowering plants including the Kangaroo Paw and Orchids. Also during this time, the Balgas will also start to flower, especially if they've been burnt in the past year or closely shaved.

One of the most striking displays of flowers to be seen during this season will be the "Mooja", or Australian Christmas Tree (Nuytsia). The bright orange/yellow flowers serve to signal the heat is on its way.

For the animals, October is also the most likely time of the year that you'll encounter a snake as the reptiles start to awaken from their hibernation and look to make the most of the warm to assist them in getting enough energy to look for food. It's also a time that many young families of birds will be singing out for their parents to feed them. Koolbardies (Magpies) will also be out protecting their nests and their babies.

Many things are undergoing transformation with the warm change in the weather.

Longer dry periods accompany a definite warming trend.

- South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council

Species in main focus below: Anigozanthos manglesii (Kurulbang) 

Young Re-inventor of the Year 

Future of Food 

The 2020 Young Re-inventor of the Year theme is Future Food!  The food we eat has many environmental impacts, from the greenhouse gas emissions associated with farming and shipping, to plastic packaging and wasting uneaten food. How we grow, eat and dispose of food waste will need to be very different in the future if we are going to look after our environment and conserve this precious resource.

COVID-19 challenges us to rethink our relationship with food, when we self-isolate we can’t run down the supermarket and there is less food on the shelves. How can we stretch our precious food further? What new skills can we learn which allow us to grow, cook and recycle food in a sustainable (and delicious) way? How can we use our new skills to look after our planet once things go back to normal? Exploring these questions is what this year’s Young Re-inventor of the Year is all about.

To learn more about this program, please click here!

Help The Cause


  and help save these charismatic birds.

It takes over 100 years for a natural hollow to form that our endangered Black Cockatoos will breed in, but only a few minutes to donate towards the construction of Landcare SJ's 'Cockatubes'. 

Any contribution is greatly appreciated! 

Please Donate Today

(Photo by Rick Dawson)
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