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November 2019  Newsletter. Issue 145

the Landcare SJ Office 

Done & Dusted 

On the 29th of October, we held our Annual General Meeting. We had a decent turn out of longterm SJ Landcarers' from around our community. 

The night started off with a light supper of several different soups which were made and supplied by the Mundijong Community Garden and the Mundijong Uniting Church. As well as refreshments. 

We then proceeded with the election of office bearers, of which no new office bearers were nominated. meaning the Landcare SJ Board has stayed the same. 
Congratulations to our reelected office bearers:
Deputy Chair Collen Rankin 
Treasuer Neil Kentish 
Board Member Jan Star 

Upcoming Events

SJ landcare Centre Christmas Party 

Black Cockatoo Monitoring Workshop

Landcare SJ News 

Byford Enviro-Link 

Byford Enviro-Link (BEL) is a community-based organisation which coordinates conservation activities throughout the localities of Byford and the borders of the surrounding localities of Oakford, Cardup and Darling Downs. The does anything from helping to create wildlife corridors to picking up rubbish from roadsides. In fact, BEL collected more than 2,800 bags of rubbish and planted 1,500 seedlings, which equated to 990 volunteer hours throughout the northern half of the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale during the 2018/19 financial year.  

Here some pictures from one of BELs latest efforts. This is their team watering, weeding and picking up all the windfalls at the tourist information bay on the South Western Highway, near Thomas Road in Byford. 

Flora survey in Mundijong

Landcare SJ recently signed up to be part of the St John community first responder system, funded through the Lotterywest Heart Grant

The funding provided for a public access defibrillator and storage cabinet, which has been installed on an external wall of the SJ Landcare Centre which is located at 12 Paterson St, Mundijong.

The code to open the cabinet will be provided by the operator at 000 emergency services when somebody rings for an ambulance.

Currently, there are over 3,500 registered defibrillator locations, and the system has proven to save people’s lives of cardiac arrest victims on over 100 different cases.

Hopefully, ours will never need to be required.

Flora surveys in Mundijong

Throughout November, we'll be undertaking several flora surveys along the Paterson st railway corridor. Residents of Mundijong might be surprised by the amount of biodiversity right at the end of driveways! From Conostylis aculeata to Corymbia calophylla.

Significant Tree Register 

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is currently running a significant tree register throughout Serpentine Jarrahdale. 

Residents can nominate a tree by downloading the nomination form on this page. A tree can be a single tree, a group, or even a larger area such as a road or reserve. If a nominated tree is formally adopted on the Shire’s Significant Tree Register, the tree will be protected and its special features recognised.

What makes a tree significant?

  • Is particularly old or large
  • Has a beautiful shape or form
  • Has heritage significance
  • Is an unusual type or species
  • Is special to you or the community for a specific reason

What does it mean to be on the STR?

By being on the STR a tree is awarded extra protection when it comes to future development. Currently, the Shire has a number of trees on a draft STR, including the Abernethy Road Tree Tunnel and the Oldest Jarrah Tree on Karnup Road near Kiely Lane.

If you'd like to nominate a tree or group of trees, please click here.

Guess What I Am?


For your chance to win an Australian Native Nursery gift voucher valued at $20 

Do you know what introduced species I am?

Be the first person to Email my scientific and common name to Reece Jerrett at Landcare SJ and you'll receive an Australian Native Nursery gift voucher valued at $20!


(Individuals can only win the monthly competition every 3 months)

Congratulations to Jenny from Herron on winning last month's competition. The correct guess was
Arum  Lily (Zanedeschia aethiopica) 

Enjoy your new plants Jenny!

(Last month's picture to the left)

Your Local Environment 

Know Your Undercarriage 

Did you know that there are many different species of birds of prey in Australia? Many of which are often involved in cases of mistaken identity. To help you identify the fauna that might be flying over your property, here is an Australian falconiform chart. 

It's important to note that all native Australian fauna is classified as protected. 

One Heart-Stopping Weed!

Moraea flaccida (One Leaf Cape Tulip) and Moraea miniata (Two Leaf Cape Tulip) - Native to South Africa, this species has quickly become a pest species throughout parts of southern Australia. Which includes WA, SA and VIC. The species primarily reproduces by seed and occasionally corm offsets. Can easily be dispersed by water, soil and cattle droppings. Cape tulip seems to flower within its second to third season. The species generally survives fire well. Fire can bring corms out of dormancy and stimulate flowering. Up to 60% of corms beneath the soil surface can remain dormant over the winter growing season. Following a fire is a particularly important time to control Cape Tulip as fire can bring corms out of dormancy and stimulate flowering.  All parts of the plant are toxic to stock, due to containing glycosides. Glycosides affect the heart, eventually stopping it. Cape Tulip remains toxic even when dried. 

Suggested method of management and control is to spot spray metsulfuron-methyl 0.2 g/15 L or chlorsulfuron 0.2 g/15 L + Pulse® or 2.5-5 g/ha + Pulse® or 2,2 DPA 55 g/10 L + Pulse®. Apply just on flowering at corm exhaustion. Read the manufacturers' labels and material safety data sheets before using herbicides. For further information consult the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to determine the status of permits for your situation or state.

Credit to Florabase and DPIRD

Upcoming  Community

Please click on the posters for more information.

Help The Cause


  and help save these charismatic birds.

It takes over 100 years for a natural hollow to form that our endangered Black Cockatoos will breed in, but only a few minutes to donate towards the construction of Landcare SJ's 'Cockatubes'. 

Any contribution is greatly appreciated! 

Please Donate Today

(Photo by Rick Dawson)
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