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April 2020 Newsletter. Issue 148

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112 Cockatubes Are Heading East!

Throughout the end of 2019 and into 2020 many of us watched the catastrophic bushfires rip through whole communities and ecosystems across the East Coast of Australia. To aid in the recovery of Black cockatoo habitat impacted from SE QLD to Kangaroo Island off South Australia. We at Landcare SJ are contributing in one of the best ways that we can, by donating 'Cockatubes'!

On Wednesday (26/02/2020), we set out with a goal to build 112 'Cockatubes' with 42 of the hollows destined for Kangaroo Island.

We could not have made this happen without so many generous donations from VinidexSlinglift & RiggingMacsim FasteningsHobson Engineering Co Pty LTDMidalia Steel WelshpoolAlcoa RefineryNewmont Boddington Gold Mine, Keysbrook Fire Brigade (Keysbrook Community Group Inc), Stephen White, Varga Realty Byford, and the SJ Community.

This effort would not have been possible without a fantastic hardworking team of volunteers from Landcare SJPeel-Harvey Catchment CouncilAlcoa Refinery and community members from across the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.

Upcoming Events

2020 SJ Food & Farm Fest


'It is with a heavy heart, in the light of the unfolding Corona Virus pandemic, and concern for the welfare of our volunteers, stallholders, exhibitors and attendees, that the organisers of the 2020 Food and Farm Fest have decided to cancel the event.

PLEASE NOTE: Stallholders who have already paid fees will receive a refund. We will begin processing refunds as soon as we can.

Please continue to follow us here, and via our e-newsletters - we will keep you informed about future events as the virus concerns subside.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email on

Stay safe!'

- Serpentine Jarrahdale Food and Farm Alliance (Inc.) Committee 


Landcare SJ News 

Landcare SJ
Covid-19 Response

Effective immediately -  The Landcare SJ Centre will be closed to all community members. This decision is hoped to further protect our staff and the wider community from COVID-19.

We will still continue to operate remotely. Meaning that we can answer any queries through our social media platforms, website and

We look forward to seeing you all again once this pandemic is controlled. However, until then - please stay safe. 

- The Landcare SJ Team

Feral Animal Control in
Serpentine Jarrahdale
and North Murray 

Landcare SJ has been awarded a grant worth $14,215 through the Australian Government's Department of Environment and Energy's 'Communities Environment Program' to coordinate red fox and rabbit control across 5 locations throughout the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and the Shire of Murray, including the Lowlands Homestead, Brickwood Reserve, Serpentine Sports Reserve, Peel Metrpoliatian Horse & Pony Club and the North Dandalup River.  

Photo by Georgeanna Story - NSW Department of Primary Industries 

Roost & Rookery - Review 

We had an amazing turn out for Roost and Rookery - Black Cockatoos & Wedge Tail Eagles, with over 100 people coming to Jarrahdale on Sunday to hear about Landcare SJ's ongoing Cockatube project, how to participate in one of WA's largest citizen science projects - BirdLife Western Australia's 'The Great Cocky Count' and Simon Cherriman's PHD study on the movement of juvenile Wedgetail Eagles.

This event was brought to you by Landcare SJJarrahdale Community CollectiveShire of Serpentine JarrahdaleBirdLife Australia and the Alcoa Foundation

Brickwood Reserve  

Brickwood Reserve is located in an urban area of Byford adjacent to Briggs Park and extending out along Soldiers Road in Cardup. The reserve is environmentally significant and includes Bush Forever areas and threatened ecological communities including Banksia Woodland. It is estimated than half of the Banksia Woodlands across the Swan Coastal Plain has been lost and what remains has become fragmented and degraded due to urban sprawl and increased pressures.

We are fortunate in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale to have remnants of Banksia Woodland that the community are still able to responsibly enjoy. The Banksia Woodland within the Brickwood Reserve requires ongoing protection, as the population of Byford continues to grow and the pressures on the Woodland also increase. Threats such as cutting fences, ramming gates, use of off-road vehicles, illegally dumping rubbish and green waste, introduced weeds and feral animals, are all having significant negative impacts within the reserve.

Landcare SJ, in partnership with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, is coordinating a project to improve the health and habitat of Brickwood Reserve. A significant part of the project is to install new fencing around the perimeter of the reserve that contains the threatened ecological community of Banksia Woodland. The new fencing to be erected will be of high tensile wire with strong galvanised gates to discourage illegal and inappropriate entry to the reserve. Other works to be done include dieback treatment, feral animal control, weed spraying and the removal of rubbish and waste.

The work being carried out at Brickwood Reserve is part of a much bigger Banksia Woodland Project supported by the Peel Harvey Catchment Council, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program. The project is still in its early stages with many more sites and much more work to be done. Watch this space for updates on site-works being carried out and all the latest project news.

The community can become involved in the Banksia Woodland Project by becoming a Landcare SJ volunteer or joining the Friends of Brickwood community group. Once the project is complete it is anticipated that the threatened ecological community of Banksia Woodland will be provided with the adequate protection required to conserve such an environmentally significant area.

What is Kristy doing? 

Many of you will know and love our Landcare SJ team member - Kristy Gregory, who is one of our NRM Project Officers, will be lending a hand to the Peel Harvey Catchment Council Boddington based team, for 2 days a week until the end of the financial year. This is to help the team complete:

  • A River Action Plan (RAP) for the Hotham and Williams Rivers.
  • Identify and assess priority sites as part of the RAP process.
  • On-ground recommendations for rehabilitation have been made for each site.
  • Bring those recommendations together into several project proposals to seek funding for their implementation.
  • Aid with a River Health Assessment at some of the sites in March, which will give a comprehensive snapshot of water quality.

We’re very happy that another environmental organisation within the Peel Region will able to directly benefit from Kristy's many years of Landcare experience and local knowledge! 

Don't worry though, Kristy will still be with Landcare SJ from Wednesday to Friday.

Photo - Kristy with her sons 

New to Landcare SJ 

"After an amazing opportunity doing work experience with Landcare SJ, I have been lucky enough to be offered a part-time position. I attended Murdoch University as a mature age student graduating in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Sustainability with a double major in Sustainable Development. I am also a Registered Veterinary Nurse working part-time at the Byford Veterinary Hospital.

I have lived and worked within the SJ Shire for over 20 years with my 2 sons both attending school here. In that time I have worked as an equine veterinary nurse, worked in the thoroughbred industry and in equine breeding and management. I am hopeful that both my environmental degree and my experience with horses will enhance my work within the SJ Shire promoting Equine Landcare" - Sue Ford 

Photo - Sue with her sons

Guess What I Am?


For your chance to win an Australian Native Nursery gift voucher valued at $20 

Do you know what native species I am?

Be the first person to Email my scientific and common name to Reece Jerrett at Landcare SJ and you'll receive an Australian Native Nursery gift voucher valued at $20!


(Individuals can only win the monthly competition every 3 months)

Congratulations to Jenny from Herron on winning last month's competition. The correct guess was
Running Postman (Kennedia prostrata)

Enjoy your new plants!

(Last month's picture to the left)

Your Local Environment 

Keysbrook Volunteer
Bushfire Brigade 

The Keysbrook Volunteer Bushfire Brigade and the Keysbrook Community Group joined forces to host a community BBQ fundraising event with the majority of the funds raised going to the Kangaroo Island Country Fire Service Group, which represent the Country Fire Services Brigades across the island, with a portion of funds going to towards Landcare SJ's 42 Cockatubes that will be donated to fire impacted black cockatoo habitat on Kangaroo Island.
 Community members from Serpentine Jarrahdale and afar managed to raise close to $40,000. 


 Photographs - Aaron Van Rongen

Cocky Facts 

The 2020 Great Cocky Count might have been canceled due to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you can’t task yourself to keep an eye on the black cockatoos around your property and collect your own data on their population size or what species you're counting based on the feeding habits. 

This article should help you with deciphering between the three species off what t

Black Cockatoos and Marri honkynuts

Ever wondered who is eating all those honky nuts? When you find eaten honky-nuts (fruit) on the ground under a Marri tree, chances are you can work out which black-cockatoo has been eating them.

Baudin’s Black Cockatoo can extract seeds with their long upper bill with minimal damage to the fruit (see photo). Just a few curved marks from their lower mandible showing.

Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos with their shorter bill chew away bits of the rim to get to the seeds.

Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoos have wide short bills and remove the whole lip to get to the seeds or eat one side of the fruit away. The lower mandible leaves much longer, flatter marks than the Carnaby’s.

Photos courtesy of Keith Lightbody.
1. Marri fruits eaten by Carnaby’s and Forest Red-tailed Black-Cockatoos
2. Female Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo feeding on Marri nut
3. Male Baudin’s Black Cockatoo feeding on Marri nut
4. Female Forest Red-tailed Black-cockatoo feeding on Marri nut

Help The Cause


  and help save these charismatic birds.

It takes over 100 years for a natural hollow to form that our endangered Black Cockatoos will breed in, but only a few minutes to donate towards the construction of Landcare SJ's 'Cockatubes'. 

Any contribution is greatly appreciated! 

Please Donate Today

(Photo by Rick Dawson)
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