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This month, we celebrate the release of Out of the Ashes, the first book in our new Asheville Arcana series! There will be three books in the series, each one featuring a self-contained romance with a different couple, but also progressing the overall story arc, which involves a demonic invasion. 

Alpha werewolf Eli Hammond returns from a fishing trip to discover a nasty surprise—five members of his pack murdered and the rest missing. He needs help locating and rescuing his pack mates, but the supernatural council in Asheville, North Carolina, turns him away.

Except for one man.

As they work together, Eli is stunned—and not especially thrilled—to discover half-elf Arden Gilmarin is his destined mate. But as Arden and his friends struggle to help Eli in his quest, Eli surrenders to the demands of his body—and his heart. They’ll need to bond together, because the forces opposing them are stronger and more sinister than anyone predicted. The evil has its sights set on Arden, and if Eli wants to save his mate and the people he is entrusted with protecting, he’s in for the fight of his life.

Out of the Ashes is available from Dreamspinner Press!
Behind the Scenes
In 2014, Ari and I wrote a Halloween novella called The Demon’s Door, which featured a vampire named Julian and a demon hunter named Thomas, who were thrown together to battle a demonic invasion in western NC. A year later, I wrote a Halloween short story called “Everything a Big Bad Wolf Could Want,” which featured a wizard named Whimsy who was in love with his next door neighbor, a werewolf named Harlan. In my mind, Whimsy and Harlan were part of the paranormal community in Asheville that Ari and I created for The Demon’s Door.
But then the company that published both of these works closed. We liked the stories and the world building we’d done, so we knew we weren’t going to shelve them permanently. But rather than release them as second editions, we decided to combine and repurpose them to create a whole new series in which we could expand on the world building and add depth to the supernatural threats facing the paranormal community in Asheville.
And so Out of the Ashes was born. Out of the Ashes is about Eli, a werewolf, and Arden, a half-elf, but Julian and Whimsy are supporting characters. Whimsy and Harlan's story will be told in book two, and Julian and Thomas's story will be told in book three, but both books will be quite different from the original incarnations. 

Bonus trivia: Eli's appearance is based on Brock O'Hurn. If I remember correctly, Ari saw a photo of him online somewhere -- probably Facebook -- and she passed it along to me. We agreed we wanted to use him as a character base at some point, and when we started planning Out of the Ashes, I thought he'd made a perfect werewolf. Now we just have to cast Harlan for book two!
Coming Up
September — We're planning to release an anthology of our previously published/now homeless short stories. The collection will be released through Amazon.

October — We're self-publishing a brand new holiday short story, "The Boyfriend Sweater Curse." We haven't decided on a release date yet, but we'll keep everyone updated! The story will be released through Amazon.

November 8 — Fortune's Slings and Cupid's Arrows will be released by Dreamspinner Press. This is book two of the Lawyers in Love series. It's a second edition, but it's been heavily revised from the first edition. 
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July was super hectic. Between teaching, taking three trips, and dealing with my desktop dying, I didn't read anything new this month. But August promises to be calmer, so I'll be back next month with a new recommendation!
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