When it comes to wellness, what do consumers actually want? In one moment, we’re demanding more transparency about where our food comes from and what’s in it. The next minute, we’re stocking up on ridiculous wellness remedies that aren’t backed by science and are potentially harmful

In the end, though, consumers are simply trying to make the right choice. The trouble is, what’s “right” is getting more difficult to define. And, in part, that’s by design. Whether it’s big food funding nutrition studies or influencers peddling wellness products, marketing is overtaking science as the foundation for good health and consumer preference will ultimately come down to brand perception. 

With that in mind, and with trillions of dollars up for grabs, we should expect the rise of wellness to transform into the wellness wars. Buckle up: Peloton suing Flywheel and the debate over the meaning of words like “milk” and “meat” is just the beginning.

b3f06754-5f0c-42cc-b194-085361c1e558.jpgDirect-to-Consumer Vitamins: Instagram, Amazon, & The End Of GNC →

Fueled by Instagram’s growing popularity and a surge in wellness-related spending, direct-to-consumer vitamin startups are causing headaches for brick-and-mortar retailers like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, who are already struggling to stay in business. Will the DTC trend continue its hockey stick growth? Can the likes of GNC survive? Or could there be a Dollar Shave Club-like acquisition in the future?