It’s official: wellness is having a moment. For any doubters out there, please direct your attention toward the recent report that values the global wellness market at a mind-blowing $4.2T (yes, that’s a T for trillion). 

Of course, we didn’t really need a press release to know that wellness has moved into the mainstream. Just take a look around. Peloton has raised about a billion dollars, Sweetgreen is approaching unicorn status, and Beyond Meat is taking its plant-based burgers public. 

So, what’s next? Your guess is as good as ours. But here’s one thing we’re pretty confident of: wellness will continue to be a nebulous concept that’s applied broadly as more and more brands play up well-being as a means of capitalizing on consumer demand.

b3f06754-5f0c-42cc-b194-085361c1e558.jpgXPONENTIAL FITNESS ADDS PURE BARRE

Delivering on their mission to bring the highest-quality fitness brands together under one umbrella, Xponential Fitness announced its acquisition of Pure Barre. All in, Xponential has acquired seven companies, with Pure Barre joining Club Pilates, CycleBar, StretchLab, Row House, AKT, and Yoga Six.