In the TV land, OTT stands for over-the-top and it refers to content providers who deliver streaming media to consumers over the internet without requiring a traditional television or satellite subscription. The runaway success of Netflix has spawned upstart copycats while simultaneously forcing incumbents like HBO and ESPN to launch “GO” OTT versions of their own service. 

Now, streaming services and on-demand workouts are taking over the fitness industry. In a continuation of this trend, recent days have given us fitness boxing concept Rumble’s announced partnership with Technogym to distribute their At Home 360 fitness content. Following suit, boutique rowing studio CITYROW launched CITYROW GO, an iOS app and optional WaterRower upsell designed to deliver the ultimate in-home rowing experience.

Is this the end of gyms and boutique studios as we know them? Probably not. But it’s clear that streaming represents the reinvention of the exercise experience, and it’s likely the first of many innovations sure to send shockwaves through the entire fitness industry.

b3f06754-5f0c-42cc-b194-085361c1e558.jpgThe Netflix of Fitness → 

Whether it’s streaming services, voice-led workouts, or tech-enabled exercise equipment, there’s no denying the shift taking place in the fitness space. As new technologies like Peloton, Aaptiv, and NEO U continue to emerge, there’s a showdown between streaming and studios shaping up. This begs two questions: is the future of fitness winner-take-all or is there room for studios and streaming to coexist?