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October 20, 2022

God sometimes does influence us with a simple touch or feeling, but not so we would act on the feeling. If the touch is from Him, He will then provide sufficient evidence to confirm it beyond the slightest doubt.

Consider the beautiful story of Jeremiah, when he felt God leading him to purchase the field at Anathoth.  He did not act on his initial feeling but waited for God to completely fulfill His words to him before taking action.  Then once his cousin came to him, bringing the external evidence of God's direction by making a proposal for the purchase, he responded and said, "I knew that this was the word of the Lord" (Jer. 32:8).

Jeremiah waited until God confirmed his feeling through a providential act, and then he worked with a clear view of the facts, which God could also use to bring conviction to others.  God wants us to act only once we have His mind on a certain situation.  We are not to ignore the Shepherd's personal voice to us, but like "Paul and his companions" (Acts 16:6) at Troas, we are to listen and also examine His providential work in our circumstances, in order to glean the full mind of the Lord.   A.B. Simpson

Wherever God's finger points,
His hand will clear a way.
Never say in your heart what you will or will not do but wait until God reveals His way to you.  As long as that way is hidden, it is clear that there is no need of action and that He holds Himself accountable for all the results of keeping you exactly where you are.  selected

For God through ways we have not known,
Will lead His own.

Streams in the Desert October 19th
I never thought that turning 65 would carry with it so many life changing decisions.  We have learned from our past how important these times are.  We have wasted a lot of years jumping the gun and not waiting for the external evidence of God's direction.  But He has been so gracious to help us and even bless us through our wrong turns.  Sooooo...
  Lord, Help us as grandparents to be patient and to teach our grandkids these lessons.  Help us Lord to not waste time but to live by your direction and not get sidetracked.  Lord, open the doors that you would open clearly, and close the ones that are not in your will.  And in all of this let us bring you glory!  Amen
We want you to know that you are an important part of the Faith Family! As grandparents, you act as a source of encouragement, support, wisdom, and unconditional love for our students. It is our desire to encourage you and connect with you further through this prayer ministry. These weekly emails will be written by a couple who have been faithful members of this school for decades, Jim and Sue Venters. We hope that through this brief devotional and shared prayers, the grandparents of FCS students will form a community in Christ, joining together in the shepherding of our beloved children and grandchildren. 
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