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Over the next five days, Charlotte is forecast to get 10 - 15 inches of rain.

Hurricane Florence Is Here

It looks like North Carolina has been spared a direct hit from a Category 4 hurricane, but Florence's slow speed and 100+ mile zone of tropical storm force winds promise to do tremendous damage to our coastal communities. As it moves inland, the rain projections for Eastern North Carolina are staggering, and sure to cause flooding equal to or greater than that caused by Matthew, just two years ago. Over the weekend, Florence will bring days of wind and heavy rain to every region of our state, including Charlotte. 

We should expect 8 - 10 inches of rain or more in a two day period, which is more than enough water to cause localized flooding in and around the city. Also, the consistent high winds will damage our tree canopy, felling limbs and trees, and cutting power for many neighborhoods. If your neighborhood regularly loses power in thunderstorms, you could be looking at 2-5 days without power, and everyone should expect to lose power at some point this weekend. 

Here in our district, you should pay close attention to any Flash Flood or Tornado Warnings that are issued. Flash flooding, especially, could be a widespread danger, with Little Sugar Creek, Steele Creek, and McAlpine Creek all prone to flooding in heavy rain events. Whatever you do, NEVER DRIVE THROUGH STANDING (OR RUNNING) WATER. Turn around. Don’t drown. 

I encourage everyone to be safe, and will be back in touch next week with information on how we can all help our neighbors recover from this latest disaster.
Florence will bring wind and rain to parts of North Carolina for almost four days.

Storm Preparation

I’m going to provide some links below to comprehensive storm preparation checklists, but always keep your identifying documents and copies of your insurance policies close at hand in case you need to evacuate. The most important thing is to be aware of your family’s situation and prepare for your specific circumstances. 

For instance, if you are on the City of Charlotte water system, you will most likely have water service throughout the storm, but if you have a well, you should expect the well pump to stop working when the electricity goes out, and prepare accordingly. By the same token, if you live along one of Charlotte’s creeks that has flooded in the past, you should be packed and ready to seek shelter elsewhere if and when the water starts rising or emergency services issue an evacuation notice.

Numbers to Keep on Hand:

911 - Report emergencies and request assistance as normal
311 - Report non-emergency issues (Power Outage, Washed Out Roads, Downed Power Lines)
211 - Statewide Emergency Information (Evacuation Routes, Shelter Locations, etc.)

You can also download the ReadyNC app from to access statewide emergency information services.

Resources You Can Use

Comprehensive Hurricane Preparedness Fact Sheet from NC State

National Weather Service Florence Page

State of North Carolina Florence Information Page

Charlotte Airport Florence Information Page

Disaster Recovery Agencies Seeking Donations

The Charlotte Observer and News & Observer have both opened up their web sites to the public without charge or subscription, so everyone can access storm information.

Domestic Violence Hotline: If you or someone you know is trapped in a domestic violence or partner abuse situation, please call Safe Alliance at 704-332-2513 and they can help you.

Mecklenburg Compost & Mulch are now available for purchase from the new Compost Central Recycling Disposal Center. Visit their web page for details and pricing.

Property Tax values and histories in Mecklenburg County can be searched on this site that includes links to Polaris and information about the reassessments that occurred in 2011. You can find more detailed information on real estate values on the Mecklenburg Modria site. 

Charlotte 311 is your connection to city services, including Animal Control, Street Maintenance, Bulky Trash Pick-up, Parking Enforcement, and all other non-police related matters. Dial 311 or visit their website to fill out a form and have your issue addressed as soon as possible.    

Voter Information: You can find your current information on the NC Voter Lookup page. You can also find interactive versions of the new House & Senate maps HERE.   
Don’t forget! Visit today to see if you have unclaimed property under the supervision of the NC Treasurer’s office.

My office is here to help you navigate any issues you may have with state services. Please call myself or my legislative assistant, Ralph Belk, at 919-733-5607 or email me at with any questions or concerns
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