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Happy Boxing Day!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday break and enjoying the Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Winter Solstice celebrations! 

A huge thank you to all of you who have read our emails, liked our Instagram posts and supported us in 2019. 💚

As we look back on the year (the good, the bad, and the ugly), we wanted to share our 10 favourite stories from 2019. 

Reading time is 2:47 minutes.

Enjoyyy - and see you in 2020!
Growing concerns for the planet causing eco-anxiety | May 16th 2019

Martyn: I really enjoyed tackling such an important topic. Put simply, you're not alone. Packed full of symptoms to look out for, the article boasts plenty of suggestions to help you put those pesky negative feelings in their place.
     Loads of you got in touch with us and it was awesome to have the article featured on Plant Based News' website.
Carbon Offsetting - Solution or Distraction? | November 14th 2019

Fran: Carbon offsetting was such an important subject to tackle, as it is often sold as a silver bullet to allow the continuation of business as usual high-carbon lifestyle. However, it is far from that simple! Hopefully, the article helped break down the pros and cons and described how to effectively offset if you have to - now bring on flight free 2020!
Heatwaves, Earth Overshoot Day and 18 months to save the world
| July 25th 2019

Abi: This was a tough article to write about without getting angry! Earth Overshoot Day 2019 fell 3 days earlier than in 2018 - the earliest it's ever been (aren't we supposed to be reducing our consumption?) but it was amazing to see everyone's reactions to the news - especially on Instagram where we reached over 250,000 people with our facts and top tips.
Veganuary Booms as Greggs launches Vegan Sausage Roll | January 3rd 2019

Conrad: This move by Greggs marked a massive shift in food outlets responding to the vegan demand... but it has been the response which has made me even happier, sales are through the roof, their share price jumped by 13% and many other companies have followed suit offering vegan goodies! 
From ocean plastic to vinyl | October 31st 2019

Maya:  It's amazing to see sustainability reaching new sectors such as the music industry! This year we saw Nick Mulvey release the world's first vinyl made from ocean plastic and to top it off - the track ('The Anthropocene') explores our current ecological crisis. Even Coldplay announced they wouldn't tour due to environmental concerns! Bring on eco-music in 2020!
We have just launched the Curious.Earth podcast! | November 29th 2019

Paul: I love the sound of my own voice so...tehe jokes!... The podcast launch offers us another way to communicate the sustainability message to our followers and adds a personal touch - if you listen to the pod, you will notice we are all human and have our personal sustainability challenges to overcome - join us for the ride!! 
Why Fridays at school might never be the same again | March 14th 2019

Tom:  This growing movement of young people, who are striking to bring the fossil fuel era to an end, are the most influential group in the climate justice movement. Governments are trying to ignore them so they can continue to dither on climate action - I want our readers to see these climates heroes and support them!
Football, Gender & Environmentalism, the ultimate hat-trick? | August 15th 2019

Helen:  This article highlighted how the environmental movement is starting to engage new audiences and become more mainstream - and it needs to! Our climate/biodiversity crisis is going to impact all of us, and finding out how we engage everyone in society is vital to scale action! The only unfortunate finding was my home team only came 8th! (Liverpool you can do better than that!)
Are your savings actually sustainable? | January 17th 2019

Imogen:  There is a massive taboo when it comes to talking about money, but it's also a major sustainability issue as the vast majority of us hold our savings with banks who support non-sustainable projects. Are your savings sustainable?
How can we tackle climate change & biodiversity at the same time? | April 11th 2019

Lucie:  Re-wilding 😍 a natural solution for a very un-natural problem that we find ourselves with! I am a huge fan of George Monbiot and think this is a fantastic project. It was great to see Greta get behind the project too (after we wrote about it obviously).
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Merry Christmas from all of us 🎄

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