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Climate Change

Global efforts to tackle climate change come up short

What's Going On Here?

Global efforts to tackle climate change fall short as the gap report shows that CO2 emissions rise for the first time in four years. 

The news comes just days before world leaders meet at the UN climate conference in Poland next week (COP 24).

What Does This Mean?

The gap report highlights the difference between the level of greenhouse gas emissions that the world can sustain to keep temperatures within safe limits (set out in the Paris agreement), with the levels that are likely based on the pledges and actions taken by countries.

In short, the emission gap report released by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) shows us the gap between where countries promised they would be with how far we've actually got, and it’s big, very big!

ONLY 57 countries (representing 60% percent of global emissions) are currently on track.

And you've guessed it, the UK isn't one of them. 

Why Should We Care? 

Well, if there is one message that has been made abundantly clear about climate change in recent years, it is that the time to act is now!

In fact, with COP 24 around the corner, the time to act is actually today, before we pass the tipping point.

Will this year be a Good COP or a Bad COP?

Be Curious!

Is there anything positive I hear you ask??

Of course there is! And here are three 3 doozies for yaaa

  1. Attenborough to the rescue - Our pal Dave takes the 'people's seat' at COP 24 in Poland next week. Given his experience communicating with primates, who better placed to educate our apathetic world leaders.

  2. It’s not all about countries - "Non-state actors" (local, city and regional governments, businesses and higher education institutions) are joining the party! The UN estimate that, right now, more than 7,000 cities from 133 countries and 6,000 companies with at least $36 trillion in revenue have pledged to take climate action.

  3. Your voice matters, SHOUT! - People around the world are taking a stand . We have seen Mothers in Sweden boycotting air travel and we’ve been inspired by protestors on Tower Bridge, London.  Get involved and make your voice heard.


Air Pollution

UK's first carbon capture & storage project planned for 2020s

What's Going On Here?

The UK government is planning sites in Scotland that would see CO2 emissions captured at power-stations piped to storage sites under the North Sea.

What Does This Mean?

Carbon capture or sequestration (word of the day) is 'a natural or artificial process by which carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and held in solid or liquid form.'

There are two ways of approaching the problem;

1. Stop CO2 from entering the atmosphere at source e.g. power-station

This is a short term solution to reduce the impact of dirty power generation. Retro-fitting power stations to capture CO2 before it enters the atmosphere is a bit like wearing a nappy as a baby. It's not the end goal to be sitting in your own sh*t but it stops it going everywhere. (This is the UK governments plan in Scotland).

2. Remove CO2 from the atmosphere once it's there (it's already there)

Unfortunately, with booming industry in countries like China and India, more and more CO2 is being released. The ability of natural carbon capture systems (sinks) such as oceans and forests to store carbon are being reduced. Reforestation is one option, as well as this from Bill Gates.

Summary: we need to clean up the grid by converting to renewable energy as well as cleaning up after ourselves by capturing and storing carbon.

Why Should We Care? 

Our CO2 emissions have increased from 0.03 billion tonnes 1800 to 36.18 billion tonnes in 2015, thats a 120,600% increase over 215 years!

We are releasing more CO2 and have been destroying our natural carbon storage systems. Deforestation of the Amazon is at it's highest for 10 years and rising temperatures are curbing the ocean's capability to store carbon. So you don't need to be a genius to realise this is going to impact the planet and our climate (take note Mr Trump & other climate deniers).

If you are interested in tracking the atmospheric CO2 levels, check out (latest reading 408.43ppm).

Be Curious!

Are you planning to fly anywhere in the next 12 months? Do you need to? 
Can you get there by another mode of transport?

A simple way to reduce your CO2e emissions, don't fly!

Check out two Swedish mums who want people to give up flying for a year.


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