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We're steering clear of the elephant in the room this week to take your mind off things, however we at wish you good health during these turbulent times!

Instead, curious.fran confirms that the wealthiest are responsible for the majority of global emissions, whilst curious.helen brings us a climate win as Wales commissions a national forest set span the length of the country! 

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Climate Change

Study confirms the richest are responsible for the majority of emissions

by Fran Haddock

What's Going On Here?
A new study published by Nature Energy has confirmed the significant disparity of energy usage between the rich and the poor.

What Does This Mean?
A study by the University of Leeds combined data from the European Union and World Bank to calculate the difference in energy footprints between 86 countries. It identified that the wealthiest tenth of people globally consume approximately 20 times more energy than the poorest tenth, with the inevitable increased contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.
Transport was found to be the area with the largest disparity, in which the wealthiest tenth consumed a whopping 187 times more energy than the poorest tenth! Overall, not one of the energy categories were free from inequality! The research also confirmed that, across all countries, the richer people became, the more energy they use.

Why Should We Care?

These results probably won’t come as a surprise to many of us, but for those of us living in developed wealthy countries it can still be a hard truth to swallow. A fifth of UK citizens were found to be in the top 5% of global energy consumers. However, we are also rated as one of the most unequal countries in Europe, echoed in our energy usage, for example with just 15% of UK travellers taking 70% of flights
The authors also warned that without a significant reduction in consumption and policy interventions, energy footprints could double by 2050 from what they were in 2011! The evidence is also clear that it is the poorest countries who will be the most severely affected by climate change, yet they contribute the least to greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change and inequality are irrefutably interlinked and one cannot be tackled without tackling the other. 

Be Curious!

  • With transport being the highest area of disparity - let’s look at how we can reduce our impact, whether it’s supporting frequent-flyer levies and/or going flight-free, or opting to use public transport, cycle or go on foot instead of driving.
  • Learn how to live with less! Check out the #SlowLiving movement on social media and The Minimalists documentary if you haven’t already.
  • Fight for a more equal world! Whether it’s the government's you vote for or what you do locally: look to your community groups to see how you can help the most vulnerable near you.
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Climate Change

Not just daffodils in Wales...The Welsh National Forest 

by Helen Steiger

What's Going On Here?
So we need to plant more trees, and Wales have gone and done it - commissioning a National Forest that will run the full length of the country!

What Does This Mean?

The Welsh First Minister announced an initial £15m fund for the woodland, which is designed to protect nature whilst also boosting tourism by creating a ‘connected ecological network’ across the country. Drawing inspiration from the Wales Coastal Path (a path that stretches across the entire country), the National Forest would mean that visitors will be able to walk the length and breadth of the country in pre-existing, or newly planted woodland! 

The forest is one of many attempts to create a healthy environment for future generations within Wales. The forest will also help to drive tourism, protect unique and rare woodland species and help the country to achieve its net-zero carbon ambitions.

Why Should We Care?

Because trees and forests provide so many benefits to us and the environment that we often neglect! As well as capturing and storing carbon from our atmosphere, they also positively impact our health and wellbeing, clean our air and make our environment more resistant to extreme  events e.g. flooding and soil erosion. 

This scheme by the government demonstrates the economic, social AND environmental benefits that can be achieved from such  schemes. This is an example of efforts to increase our forest cover in the UK in a way that brings together all stakeholders - young and old, businesses, even farmers and other large landowners are actively being encouraged to help plant trees! This is at a time when scepticism is rising regarding the government’s ability to deliver its ambitious targets for tree planting across the rest of the UK.

Be Curious!
🌳Visit a forest near you - check out this guide to do a bit of forest bathing yourself (yup, it’s a thing!)🌳
🌳Improve your mental wellbeing with some trees - read this and learn more about the new phenomenon ‘forest bathing’ 🌳
🌳Support the Woodland’s Trust bid to increase tree cover nationwide, whether that’s planting yourself or supporting others to do so! 🌳
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From the curious.archive!

Good for Mother, bad for Mother nature! -

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Fran Haddock
Helen Steiger

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